Video: Mom and Her Baby Son Get Surprise Visit From Gorilla Who Recently Gave Birth

Sitting with her baby son beside the gorilla enclosure at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo, a young mom had an encounter she will never forget. Kiki, a female gorilla who had recently given birth, came over to sit beside her and her baby. Emotions ran high as the two moms bonded through the glass. It hadn’t take Emmelina Austin long to notice Kiki’s curious stare from afar during the family’s May 1 visit. “She kept looking around the corner of the cave,” AustinĀ told News Center Maine. “I was like, ‘She’s looking at Canyon.’ “I was holding him up to the glass, and was like, ‘Yeah look, it’s my baby!'” Speculating “how cool” it would be if the female gorilla approached her snoozing 5-week-old son, Austin was blown away when she actually did. “It was so sweet,” Austin said. “For like, well over five minutes she just sat there watching him.” (Video …

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