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Uncovering Explosive Headlines: Trump, Disease X and More!

Uncovering Explosive Headlines: Trump, Disease X and More!

Chad Cato

Join us as we uncover shocking revelations, from Trump’s J6 response to Disease X and Chris Christie’s curious gift. Find out how Pence’s testimony could influence the J6 case and witness Trump’s changing perceptions. McConnell faces impassioned chants, and Trump’s endorsement sparks intrigue. Stay up to date with today’s top news!

Tune in to RVM Roundup Monday through Thursday at 6:00 PM EST for the day’s news and the best viral videos on the Internet.

Today’s best:

1: Disease X: UK prepares attacks for unknown pandemic possibly caused by climate change [VIDEO]

2: Chris Christie campaigns in America’s 51st state, gives Zelensky a strange gift [VIDEO]

3: Pence’s testimony in Trump’s J6 case could swing the case in Donald’s favor [VIDEO]

4: Independent voter who thought Trump was a ‘douchebag’ now wonders if she was right all along

5: Mitch McConnell faces an angry crowd… Impassioned chants of “RETIRE!!! RETIRE!!! RETIRE!!!” burst out

6: Trump shared Dr. Jan Halpert-Hayes with a complete question. Trump called it “fantastic” and a “masterpiece.”

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