UN expels Iran from Commission on Women’s Rights in US-led vote

Iran has been roundly removed from its controversial seat on the United Nations’ top women’s rights commission, which had been widely criticized amid the Islamic Republic’s violent crackdown on protests stemming from its oppression of women. women.

In a vote led by the US, Iran was kicked out of the UN Commission on the Status of Women on Wednesday, the New York Times reported. Russia and China were two of the eight UN members who voted against the action, saying it interfered in Iran’s internal affairs.

Excluding Iran from the women’s commission sends two messages, according to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN.

“The first is to the government of Iran that we will hold them accountable,” he said. “I think more important is the message it sends to Iranian women. I think it sends a strong message: We’re here for you, we’re with you, we’ll be with you.”

Iran’s oppression of women was the catalyst for major protests across the country against the Islamic regime, which recently began executing protesters in ongoing demonstrations.

Iran was voted into the commission in March 2022 using a regional quota system, according to the Times. Although his appointment was controversial from the start, many said removing Iran would violate UN principles of cooperation, the Times reported.

Iran’s ambassador to the United States, Amir Saeid Iravani, said during the vote that it was a “hostile policy” that “would be extremely dangerous to the integrity of the UN system,” the Times reported.

Wednesday’s vote was the first time a country has been removed from the UN women’s commission, according to the Times.

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