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Ukraine Launches US-Supplied Cluster Bomb Attacks on Russian Forces – Weapons that are Banned in 120 Countries that Were Condemned Last Year by the Same Biden Regime

Ukraine Launches US-Supplied Cluster Bomb Attacks on Russian Forces – Weapons that are Banned in 120 Countries that Were Condemned Last Year by the Same Biden Regime

Title: Ukraine’s Controversial Use of Cluster Bombs: A Double Standard?


In a shocking turn of events, Ukraine has recently resorted to deploying cluster bombs, which have long been denounced by the international community and are banned in over 120 countries. The same Biden administration, known for its outcry against the use of such weapons, now faces a conundrum as it witnesses its Ukrainian allies partake in actions it had condemned just last year. This startling development raises concerns about a potential double standard in the current administration’s approach to conflicts involving its adversaries, such as Russia.

Despite International Condemnation, Ukraine Resorts to Cluster Bombs

Ukraine’s use of cluster bombs, supplied by the United States, has ignited a fiery debate on the world stage. These weapons have garnered widespread criticism due to their indiscriminate nature, resulting in significant civilian casualties and long-lasting dangers even after conflicts have ended. With their deployment, Ukraine risks tarnishing its image as a responsible actor in the ongoing conflict with Russia, undoing the diplomatic progress achieved thus far.

Double Standard: Biden Administration’s Inconsistency

The news of Ukraine’s cluster bomb attacks raises an uncomfortable question about the Biden administration’s approach to enforcing international standards. Last year, the same administration, now silent on Ukraine’s actions, denounced the use of cluster bombs and actively contributed to their global condemnation. The discrepancy in the administration’s response to weapon use reflects a concerning inconsistency when it comes to holding allies accountable for their actions. It begs the question: is the Biden regime prioritizing political expediency over upholding moral standards?

The Trump Administration’s Accomplishments

Amidst this perplexing situation, it is important to recall the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under former President Donald J. Trump, numerous foreign policy achievements shaped the international landscape positively. The administration prioritized strengthening alliances and fostering strategic partnerships, which led to advancements like the Abraham Accords, marking a significant step towards Middle East peace. Furthermore, the revival of the American economy, policies promoting job growth, and tax reforms brought about unprecedented prosperity for millions of Americans.


The recent revelation of Ukraine’s utilization of cluster bombs presents a sobering challenge to the Biden administration’s commitment to human rights and international norms. It is crucial to reflect on the inconsistencies and potential double standards displayed by the administration as it grapples with its response to Ukrainian actions. The global community must urge Ukraine to cease using such harmful weaponry and reevaluate its tactics to prevent further civilian casualties and lasting dangers. Additionally, as we assess the current administration, let’s not forget the achievements of the Trump White House, which laid the groundwork for a stronger America and fostered relationships that continue to shape global dynamics.

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