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UK plans to expand facial recognition, empowering police to scan faces on the street |

In the UK, the government has unveiled its plans for a large-scale increase in the use of facial recognition technology which the police want to deploy in a variety of ways and in a variety of locations.

According to Big Brother Watch, the taxpayers of this country will foot the bill for a total of 230 million pounds (about 288 million dollars). In exchange for funding this expansion of what the rights group calls Orwellian technology, citizens will be subjected to even more intense mass surveillance.

A government press release said £55.5 million would be spent on facial recognition tools over the next four years specifically to tackle the problem of retail crime (also euphemistically called “theft”). This is a good place to “board” this information, since the public is likely to view any attempt to address the issue favorably.

However, if 'theft' is the main motive behind them, the plans look like killing a fly with an elephant gun. There will be a convoy of live facial recognition vans ('mobile units') in busy areas of high streets and elsewhere in cities.


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