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Twitter user uncovers massive Facebook plan to interfere in US and MANY OTHER elections…

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It has never been a secret that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms were involved in censoring Americans on behalf of the Biden regime and Big Pharma. Now, the evidence we’ve all been waiting for is finally starting to emerge. The proof is emerging from various angles and sources. An anonymous Twitter account shared a thread in response to Jim Jordan’s bombshell revelation that the Biden administration had been targeting Facebook to censor Americans. This thread includes a Facebook exec’s admission of video COVID censorship.

Former CIA agent Aaron Berman, now Meta’s head of disinformation policy and head of election content policy, is interviewed by “CIA Renee” DiResta.
states the following:

“We reduce the distribution of certain vaccine content that does not otherwise violate our policies.” It goes on to describe in detail Facebook’s efforts to censor posts about COVID and vaccines, including consultations with @WHO health experts and fact checkers. @Jim_Jordan has released select and redacted emails received from Meta, suggesting that Facebook would not have censored content about COVID if not for pressure from the Biden White House. This claim is misleading, as Meta was a willing partner in this censorship effort. In Jordan’s tweet below, you can see that he has only removed the names of two Facebook employees, but the names of many others remain redacted, including Aaron Berman.

Why that? If Jim Jordan were to be completely transparent and release all documents received by Meta without redactions, you would see an alarming number of people currently working for Meta, including Aaron Berman, who used to work for the CIA, FBI, DHS, CISA, DOD, State Department, NSA and DOJ – all hired since 2018. Jordan won’t because it collapses his narrative and exposes a larger operation where the intelligence community has infiltrated social media platforms , similar to Operation Mockingbird, to censor, manipulate and interfere. in the elections and carry out disinformation operations.

Through investigation, the anonymous user discovered that Jim Jordan’s Facebook report is hiding something or suggests that he cannot investigate as effectively as an anonymous Twitter user can. Both options are unacceptable. The anon’s twitter thread continues:

2. Aaron Berman spent over 17 years at the CIA before joining Facebook in 2019. He built its Disinformation Policy department and wrote most of the disinformation policy. In addition, Berman says he “represented Meta with external stakeholders.” This would include the White House, US Intel agencies (FBI, CIA, DHS, CISA, etc.), foreign governments and intelligence, MSM, and more. He led the disinformation policy operation across Meta’s platforms for the 2020 US election, COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and elections worldwide.”

3. Aaron Berman is very active on his LinkedIn, with over 100 posts. Here is a post from 3 years ago, while Trump was president. Berman expressed frustration with the COVID “misinformation” about hydroxychloroquine and mentioned that Meta was working hard to counter the COVID-19 misinformation. Wait What? According to @JimJordan’s narrative, Facebook would not have censored the COVID content without pressure from the Biden White House. Biden didn’t run for president in 2020. What’s going on here? Smoking gun?


But there is more…

4. In this next post, Aaron Berman stated that Meta was “expanding” the false claims they remove on Facebook and Instagram about COVID and vaccines. Again, this was written on April 16, 2020. Who was the president in 2020? trump So @Jim_Jordan
The claim that Facebook only censored COVID because of pressure from the Biden White House is misleading


The question now is, who inside the Trump administration (or outside of it) was working with Facebook to censor Americans?

The thread follows:

5. In this post, Berman discusses how Facebook is promoting “reliable” vaccine information to parents and enforcing its policies on harmful content related to children. Expresses happiness that FDA approves COVID vaccines for children.


Now, our trusty investigator makes his way to Facebook’s election interference campaign, which they seem quite proud of.

6. In the tweets below, you’ll see LinkedIn posts written by Aaron Berman describing Meta’s extensive efforts to “fight disinformation” in the global election. This is nothing but meddling, interference and electoral manipulation. In the first post, Berman discusses the 2020 US election. He describes how Facebook displayed “warnings” on more than 150 million views of content on Facebook that were “debunked” by one of Meta’s third-party fact-checkers . Did Biden pressure Facebook to do this? In the second post, Berman “sends love” to his colleagues working on content moderation for the 2020 election, describing their efforts as “neck-deep.”


And ironically, Facebook also proudly describes how they interfered in another hotly contested election in Brazil.

7. Berman writes in detail how Meta interfered in Brazil’s 2022 election by aggressively limiting the “messaging” feature on WhatsApp and how Meta worked with 6 “fact checkers” in Brazil.


It wasn’t just the US and Brazilian elections that Facebook played on. They also participated in the Nigerian elections.

8. Berman published on Meta’s electoral interference in Nigeria’s 2023 elections, which included “Partner with local radio stations to create ‘NoFalseNewsZone’ radio dramas in English and Pidgin”. Meta also ran ads on Facebook and radio in 4 different languages: Yoruba, Pidgin, Hausa and Igbo.


And if you thought election meddling was over, you’d be wrong.

Berman posted about Meta’s election interference in Kenya’s 2022 elections, which included working with fact-checkers AFP, Pesa Check and Africa Check to review English and Swahili content. Berman says they also relied on “guidance from local partners.” who can it be Also seen here are Meta’s extensive efforts to “fight disinformation” for the 2022 Philippine elections


The crux of this disturbing situation is clear: election interference carried out by one of the world’s largest social media platforms. The big question now is whether this interference was orchestrated by the Biden White House or whether it is part of a larger intelligence operation that has been operating in the shadows. The evidence from this incredible one-time dig points to the latter scenario, and raises more concerns about whether the GOP is aware of it and actively covering it up, or whether they’re really good bosses who have no idea.



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