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“Twitter Spaces” Crashes Repeatedly During DeSantis Announcement

“Twitter Spaces” Crashes Repeatedly During DeSantis Announcement

Twitter Spaces, the audio social networking feature launched by Twitter, has been a buzz word lately. Many people are joining Spaces to listen and participate in live audio chats, podcasts, and interviews. It, however, seems that the feature is still not running smoothly as it experiences some crashes.

Recently, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy for re-election in 2022 via Twitter Spaces, the platform encountered glitches. This isn’t the first time the app has crashed during high-profile events; it happened during the Tokyo Olympics and during previous political events.

Users who tried to join the conversation were met with error messages, and some participants reported that the audio quality was poor, with some voices lagging or cutting out entirely. The platform has acknowledged the issue and said it was working to fix it.

Twitter launched Spaces in December 2020 as a competitor to other audio-only social media features like Clubhouse, which gained immense popularity during the pandemic. Twitter Spaces has added many features since its launch, including ticketed events, scheduling, and co-hosting.

Despite its popularity, the app has faced several technical difficulties, leaving users disappointed and disillusioned with the app. Many Twitter users have tweeted about their frustration with the platform, with some outrightly dismissing the app as useless.

In conclusion, while Twitter Spaces has established itself as a staple of the audio social networking scene, it hasn’t been without issues. The technical difficulties and glitches experienced during high-profile events are causing innumerable users to consider other platforms. However, Twitter has taken note of these issues and has declared that it is working to fix them and enhance the user experience. Only time will tell how successful Twitter Spaces will be in the long run.

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