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Tucker Carlson was the source of the DeSantis Dog story


In an interview with Mediaite, author Michael Wolff revealed that Tucker Carlson was the source by which he reported Ron DeSantis pushed, and possibly kicked, Carlson’s dog during an awkward lunch between the former Fox News host and the 2024 hopeful.

In his next book, The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty, Wolff describes a scene in which the Republican governor of Florida and his wife attend a luncheon at the Carlsons’ home in Boca Grande, Florida. DeSantis, according to Wolff’s account, made a terrible impression on Carlson and his wife Susie, speaking in an “inside outdoor voice” and obnoxiously blasting his hits, demonstrating “a total inability to read the room”. He even “pushed” one of the Carlsons’ dogs under the table.

“Had he kicked the dog?” Wolff writes. “Susie Carlson’s judgment was clear: She didn’t want to be around anyone like that again. Her husband agreed.”

That anecdote was discussed by both sides when it was made public in one extract of the book published by New York magazine last week. “This is absurd,” Carlson said Insider. “He never touched my dog, obviously.” The DeSantis campaign said, “This entire story is absurd and false. Some will say or write anything to attack Ron DeSantis because they know he poses a threat to their worldview.

However, speaking to Mediaite for an upcoming episode of The interview podcastWolff said the source of the anecdote was Carlson.

“The source of this is Tucker himself,” he said. “I’m just reflecting what he told me.”

When asked if his subjects were lying about what happened, Wolff stood by the story: “I don’t know, maybe he exaggerated. Maybe he lied. I don’t know. Maybe he regrets saying it. Not in I have no idea.”

“I think what I’m accurately reflecting is his feelings about Ron DeSantis, and at the moment he seemed to feel that he kicked the dog,” Wolff said. “I can’t tell you if that happened or not. I can tell you with the utmost authority that this is what he said happened.”

When asked by Mediaite if Carlson would be “comfortable” being Wolff’s source on the alleged incident he was publicly denying, Wolff said, “I don’t know what he’s comfortable with. Like I said, that’s from the horse’s mouth “.

Carlson did not respond to a request for comment.

Wolff’s reporting methods for his best-selling books have been criticized in the past. Some of the reporting in his books about the Trump White House was questioned by key figures involved

The new book has also come under scrutiny. Fox News said the controversial author did not reach out to the network for comment or to confirm his report. In his interview with Mediaite, which premieres this Tuesday, Wolff defended his practices and insisted that everything in The fall is “100 percent” true.

“This book is my version of the experience I had, of what I know, of what people have told me. This is the story through my eyes,” he said.

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