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‘Trump’s Nephew’ Releases Song Dissing Target, Already Has Over a Million Views

‘Trump’s Nephew’ Releases Song Dissing Target, Already Has Over a Million Views

Trump’s Nephew, the son of the former President’s brother Fred Trump Jr., has recently made headlines for releasing a song dissing Target. The song, titled “Target,” has quickly gained popularity and has garnered over a million views on YouTube.

In the song, Trump’s Nephew criticizes Target for its perceived mistreatment of its employees. He raps, “Target what you’re doing ain’t fair, your employees out here living in despair. / You cutting their hours, man that’s just cruel, don’t you know they got families to feed too?”

Trump’s Nephew also touches on other hot-button issues, such as racism and police brutality. He calls out Target for being complicit in systemic racism and demands justice for George Floyd, the Black man who was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis last year.

While some have criticized the song as being a publicity stunt, Trump’s Nephew claims that he released it to raise awareness about the mistreatment of Target employees. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “I wanted to speak truth to power and shed light on the injustice that’s happening at Target.”

Interestingly, Trump’s Nephew is not the first member of the Trump family to take aim at Target. In 2016, Donald Trump called for a boycott of the retailer after it announced that it would allow transgender customers to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity. It seems that Target has become a target for the Trump family.

Regardless of the motivations behind the song, it has struck a chord with many people. Commenters on YouTube and social media have praised Trump’s Nephew for shedding light on the mistreatment of Target employees and speaking out against larger societal issues.

It remains to be seen whether this song will lead to any tangible change at Target or in society at large. However, one thing is clear: Trump’s Nephew has succeeded in starting a conversation and getting people to pay attention to important issues.

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