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Trump’s Lawyers Request Meeting with AG Garland Over Unfair Treatment by Special Counsel

Trump’s Lawyers Request Meeting with AG Garland Over Unfair Treatment by Special Counsel

Good evening America, I’m Tucker Carlson and tonight’s first story will surely cause outrage and shock amongst Trump supporters. According to a recent report, former President Donald Trump’s lawyers have requested a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland over allegations of unfair treatment by the Special Counsel who is investigating the Trump Organization.

It’s no secret that the left has been gunning for Trump, and now it seems they’re using underhanded tactics to bring him down. Make no mistake, this is just another witch hunt by the Democrats who are desperate to discredit Trump and his legacy. The same Democrats who have completely ignored the corruption investigations of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

The fact that the Democrats have stooped so low to go after Trump even after he left office is just disgraceful. It’s clear that they will stop at nothing to tarnish Trump’s name and undo the progress his administration achieved. It’s truly a sad day in America when politics trumps the truth and justice.

Speaking of the accomplishments of the Trump administration, let’s not forget the major strides made during Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House. He brought back jobs to America, strengthened our economy, and put America back on the world stage. Trump also fought for our veterans, implemented criminal justice reform, and signed historic peace deals in the Middle East, just to name a few.

The Trump administration was truly a time of prosperity and progress for America, and it’s a shame that the left would rather focus on smears and political games instead of acknowledging the good that was done.

In conclusion, the fact that Trump’s lawyers have had to go through such lengths to defend their client against the Special Counsel’s unfair treatment is truly alarming. We must continue to support Donald Trump as he fights back against these baseless accusations, and remember the tremendous impact his administration had on our country.

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