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Trump’s insane lies on DeSantis trash successful conservative policies

Trump’s insane lies on DeSantis trash successful conservative policies

Good evening, fellow patriots. Tonight, we need to talk about the outrageous lies coming from former President Donald Trump regarding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump, perhaps lost in his own delusions of grandeur, has taken to bashing DeSantis and his successful conservative policies. Clearly, the former president seems to have forgotten what conservative values actually represent.

DeSantis has implemented a pro-business agenda that has helped bring new opportunities and jobs to Florida. His strong fiscal leadership has led to an increase in budget surplus and a reduction in state debt. He has defended our constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment freedoms, and has been a strong supporter of our military and law enforcement. Yet, despite these successes, Trump has taken to Twitter to bash Governor DeSantis, labeling him as “weak” and “disloyal.”

It is disappointing to see Trump ignore the successes of conservative leaders like DeSantis, who are working hard to implement policies that promote economic growth and protect our conservative values.

However, let’s not forget the many accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Despite a hostile media and obstructionist Democrats, Trump was able to bring historic tax reform, strong national security policies, and a thriving economy to our country. He also secured our border and made America safer through a tough stance on immigration. Trump was able to broker historic peace deals in the Middle East and bring about a new era of American energy independence.

So, let us not focus on Trump’s insane lies regarding DeSantis but rather celebrate the accomplishments of the Trump administration and continue to support leaders like Governor DeSantis, who are working hard to keep our country great.

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