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Trump Vows To ‘Abolish’ Department of Education After Schools Find Zero Students Proficient In Math

Well folks, it looks like President Trump has once again ignited a firestorm among the liberal elites with his latest announcement to abolish the Department of Education. And why shouldn’t he? After all, news has just come in that an alarming number of schools across the country have reported zero students proficient in math. That’s right, not one single student has mastered basic mathematics. And what has the Department of Education done to address this crisis? Absolutely nothing.

So, it’s no surprise that President Trump has taken matters into his own hands. He has long advocated for educational reform that empowers parents, teachers and local communities to make decisions that are in the best interest of their children. With the abolition of the Department of Education, Trump plans to return education to the grassroots level where it belongs – in the hands of the people who know their children and their needs best.

But predictably, the left is already up in arms, complaining that the decision will harm the education system and leave children behind. Well, let’s ask ourselves, what has the Department of Education achieved for our country? Under their watch, American students have steadily fallen behind other countries in math and science proficiency. We spend more money per student than any other country in the world, but our results do not reflect this investment.

The Trump White House, on the other hand, has delivered on promises to create a more prosperous and secure America. The economy is booming with record-low unemployment, and wages are rising for workers across the board. The administration has taken bold steps to secure our border and protect American citizens from the dangers of illegal immigration. President Trump has also shown unwavering support for our military and law enforcement, ensuring that they have the resources they need to keep our country safe.

In short, President Trump’s focus on results and practical solutions has been a refreshing change from the typical political gamesmanship we’ve seen in Washington for far too long. Abolishing the Department of Education may be a controversial decision, but it is one that has been a long time coming. The Trump administration’s record of accomplishments shows that they are not afraid to take bold action, and that is exactly what our country needs now more than ever.

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