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Trump Speaking At CPAC Saturday – “Already A Sold Out Monster”

Trump Speaking At CPAC Saturday – “Already A Sold Out Monster”

On February 27th, 2021, former President Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), in Orlando, Florida. The event was already a sold-out monster, with thousands of attendees eagerly waiting for the former President to take the stage. Trump’s appearance at CPAC was his first public speech since leaving office, and it was a much-anticipated event for both his supporters and detractors.

As soon asTrump was announced as a speaker, the conservative world lit up with excitement. Some of the attendees had been waiting for hours in lines to hear Trump speak. Many conservative activists and pundits saw the event as a turning point for the Republican Party, and some even declared it as the beginning of the Trump 2024 campaign.

The former president took the stage after a rousing introduction from his oldest son, Donald Jr. As he stood in front of the cheering crowd, he basked in the welcome, with chants of ‘USA’ ringing throughout the ballroom.

“I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we began together four years ago is far from being over,” Trump said, before assuring the audience he wouldn’t defy the Constitution by “creating a new party” but would “remain active” in politics. He reiterated similar comments he has made in the past, citing his tenure as president as a tremendous success. “We accomplished so much together. We revamped our economy, rebuilt our military, and maximized American energy independence.”

Throughout the speech, Trump revisited the topics that propelled him to the presidency in 2016, including immigration, religious freedom, and the Second Amendment. He argued that cancel culture was overturning everything that made America great.

“Free speech is under assault like never before. The tech monopolies are silencing millions of Americans,” said Trump. “We’re not going to be silenced. We only get stronger when they try to silence us.”

Trump’s attack on cancel culture received some of the largest cheers of the event, indicative of the crowd’s want for a strong leader to defend and advocate for their values. The former President’s supporters appreciated his fighting spirit, which they felt they had lost with the Biden Administration.

However, Trump’s speech also contained criticisms of the Republican Party; he criticized the GOP for not being supportive enough of his fight to overturn the 2020 election results, and lambasted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who he blamed for Trump’s second impeachment.

The former president also outlined his agenda for the future of the Republican Party, calling for action on immigration, trade, and China. There was no doubt that Trump’s speech was targeted towards the 2022 midterms, and possibly for a 2024 presidential run.

His speech left little doubt that he wants to play a significant role in the political future of the United States. Trump’s supporters heralded his speech as the rallying cry the party needed, with a straw poll taken at the end of the conference naming him the preferred choice for the 2024 nomination.

Trump garnered 55% in the straw poll, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in a close second with 21%. It is worth noting, however, that the poll was carried out on an audience that was overwhelmingly pro-Trump, making it inherently biased.

Regardless of the results of the straw poll, Trump’s presence at CPAC showcased how deeply he is embedded into the conservative consciousness. His speech ushered in a new era for the Republican Party, confirming that the specter of Trump still looms large over the conservative movement.

The former president’s new role is one of a kingmaker. His endorsement could be the difference between winning and losing in many of the coming elections. He has shown he knows how to mobilize his supporters, as he did for the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Trump’s speech was also a rebuke to the current administration. He lashed out at his successor, calling out President Biden’s reversal of many of his policies, particularly on immigration.

“We must defend our borders, support our law enforcement, and cherish our great Second Amendment,” said Trump. “They want to take away your guns, undermine your police, and indoctrinate your children with poisonous anti-American propaganda.”

Trump’s speech has energized conservatives and Republicans, while also laying the groundwork for a possible 2024 run. The former president demonstrated that he is still relevant and influential in American politics, with his every word analyzed and scrutinized by pundits and politicians alike.

One of the most striking aspects of Trump’s speech was the level of power he still holds over the GOP. His presence at CPAC demonstrated how difficult it will be for any Republican who attempts to forge a path that doesn’t substantially align with the former president’s message. With the possibility of more primary challenges in the midterm elections, it will be interesting to see what direction the Republican Party takes.

Overall, Trump’s speech at CPAC was a well-crafted performance. The former President showed that he still has the power to captivate and motivate a crowd. He emphasized his achievements during his presidency and contrasted them to his successor’s first 35 days in office.

Trump underscored his importance just by appearing, raising the humidity in the room with a defiant message of revenge against those he claims betrayed him. He showed that he was still the master of his own brand, and he demonstrated that he was still the center of gravity in the Republican Party.

With the several lawsuits being thrown Trump’s way, the future is still uncertain. However, his speech at CPAC served as a reminder that he is not a man to be counted out easily. His supporters believe he is the untouchable political heavyweight, while his critics acknowledge him as a significant player in history.

Only time will tell which side will be correct. But one thing is certain, Trump has not faded away quietly into the night, and he is not to be underestimated.

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