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Trump Slams Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss – Suggests ‘Great Idea’ for Replacement

Trump Slams Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss – Suggests ‘Great Idea’ for Replacement

Title: Trump Slams Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss – Suggests ‘Great Idea’ for Replacement


Former President Donald Trump has once again thrust himself into the political limelight, taking aim at Hunter Biden’s special counsel, David Weiss. Trump has been a vocal critic of Biden’s business dealings and legal entanglements, accusing him of impropriety and corruption. Now, he is calling for Weiss’s replacement and proposing an alternative candidate. While Trump’s remarks may not surprise many, they underscore the ongoing political tensions surrounding the Biden family and the ongoing investigations into their activities.

Trump’s Criticism of David Weiss

In a recent interview, Trump did not hold back in criticizing Hunter Biden’s special counsel, David Weiss. The former president expressed his dissatisfaction with Weiss’s tenure, claiming that he had not done enough to pursue potential wrongdoing involving the younger Biden. Trump suggested that Weiss had become a “political pawn” and questioned his commitment to impartiality and justice.

Weiss’s Role in Hunter Biden Investigation

David Weiss was appointed as special counsel in 2020 to lead the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and potential tax violations. This appointment followed allegations of impropriety and conflicts of interest involving Hunter Biden’s overseas ventures, particularly his role on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. Weiss’s mandate was to ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation, addressing any potential legal violations.

Trump’s Proposed Alternative

While criticizing David Weiss, President Trump also floated the idea of replacing him with someone he believes would be more suited for the role. Although Trump did not explicitly state the name of his proposed replacement, he described the individual as a “tough, fair prosecutor” who would ensure that the investigation into Hunter Biden was conducted diligently and without bias.

Political Tensions and the Hunter Biden Investigation

The ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities has been a significant point of contention between Republicans and Democrats. Accusations of nepotism and potential influence peddling have fueled political divisions and raised questions about the family’s involvement. Critics argue that it is vital to have an independent, impartial special counsel overseeing the investigation, while supporters of the Biden family argue that the allegations lack substantial evidence and are politically motivated.


Former President Trump’s criticism of Hunter Biden’s special counsel, David Weiss, and his proposed replacement is the latest chapter in the ongoing saga surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings. While Trump’s remarks may resonate with his supporters, they have also reignited the debate over the independence and impartiality of investigations into political figures. As the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities continues, it is crucial that justice is served, free from political bias, ensuring a fair process for all parties involved. Only time will tell if any changes will be made following Trump’s comments, but they certainly add fuel to an already contentious issue.

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