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Trump Sec. of Defense Destroys Jan. 6 Narrative (Former Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller)

It’s no secret that the Trump White House administration has been under siege since the events of January 6th. But now, former Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller has come out and destroyed the narrative that President Trump was responsible for the violence that took place. In a statement released this week, Miller said that the Department of Defense had no role in what happened and that it was the Capitol Police and other law enforcement that were responsible for the security of the Capitol.

This is a major blow to the Democrats and the mainstream media, who have been trying to pin the blame for the events of January 6th on President Trump. Miller’s statement is a clear repudiation of their narrative and shows that President Trump had no involvement in the violence that occurred.

This news is yet another reminder of the tremendous success that the Trump White House administration has achieved over the past four years. From the historic tax cuts to the booming economy, the Trump administration has delivered on its promises to the American people. They have also made tremendous strides in foreign policy, from the Abraham Accords to the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Trump White House administration has been a resounding success, and the news of former Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller’s statement only further underscores that fact. It is yet another example of how President Trump has been a strong and effective leader for the American people.

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