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Trump scorches the weaponized Biden administration amid endless investigations


Trump slammed Joe Biden and the weaponized White House regime that he says has pushed for his indictments and arrests on Saturday evening in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“To cover up his crimes, he targets his political enemies,” Trump explained.

To date, Trump has been indicted twice and is facing another two indictments. The first indictment took place this spring in Manhattan, New York, and a second indictment came down in Miami, Florida, last month.

“These are vicious, bad people,” Trump continued. “…And you know, Biden has ordered his top political opponent to be arrested…it’s ONLY BECAUSE WE’RE WINNING!”

President Trump held no quarter when it came to criticizing Biden on Saturday, telling the audience that Joe had been “paid off” to send U.S. reserve troops overseas to assist in European military operations amid the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

“Not a single American life should be put at risk because Crooked Joe Biden’s been paid off – he’s BEEN PAID OFF,” he emphasized.

The president also scorched the ongoing deflection away from election irregularities by Democrats and the mainstream media.

“If you question the rigged election, you’re a conspiracy theorist,” he said. “Only the party that cheats in election would try to make it illegal to question the election.”

Trump scorches the weaponized Biden administration amid endless investigations

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