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Trump Reacts To Backlash Against CNN For Town Hall – “Did The Right Thing”

Trump Reacts To Backlash Against CNN For Town Hall – “Did The Right Thing”

Former President Donald Trump created a buzz on cable news again with his latest appearance, this time at a CNN town hall event last Wednesday, July 21. While the network faced criticism for having Trump as a guest, the event drew high ratings, with the former president weighing in on a variety of issues, from the current state of the border to his criticisms of President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

As expected, Trump received both praise and backlash for his performance, but he had a message to tell the public about his CNN appearance: “I think CNN did the right thing by putting me on—all you have to do is look at their fantastic ratings.”

In a report by Fox News, Trump also highlighted the importance of discussing various public matters that have long been ignored by the mainstream media.

Below is a closer look at Trump’s performance and the reactions he got.

CNN draws criticism for town hall event featuring Donald Trump

CNN’s decision to have Donald Trump as a guest at the town hall event did not sit well with many of its viewers. Various social media posts criticized the network for giving a platform to a former president that had already been banned from social media platforms.

Despite the criticisms, the town hall still drew a lot of viewership, with the network’s ratings soaring that night. Trump took note of the success of the event, and he believes CNN did the right thing in putting the spotlight on him.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Trump said, “I got the word out to millions of people that would generally not hear this point of view concerning things such as the border, inflation, the economy, energy independence, the Afghanistan catastrophe and more.”

Trump also added that he was honored to be given the chance to speak his thoughts and ideas at the CNN town hall.

On his social media platform Truth Social, Trump emphasized the importance of being heard and creating a conversation on issues that affect the American people. He pointed out that the show garnered sky-high ratings, making it the biggest show of the night, week, and month.

“They know it was a great performance,” Trump said.

Donald Trump’s performance at the CNN town hall

During the town hall, Donald Trump delivered his usual candid and straightforward answers to a variety of questions thrown at him. From his views on whether he would run again in 2024 to his opinions on how the U.S. government should handle China and its policies toward Hong Kong, Trump did not shy away from speaking his mind.

One of the highlights of the event was when a member of the audience asked if Trump had been vaccinated against COVID-19. The former president encouraged everyone to get the shot, but he did not reveal if he had already gotten it or not.

He also used the opportunity to criticize his successor Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic, as well as his recent remarks on Facebook choosing to flag and remove disinformation about the vaccine.

Reactions to Donald Trump’s town hall performance on CNN

Despite being off social media, Donald Trump still managed to catch viewers’ attention, with many complementing his performance on the CNN town hall.

Some praised his confidence that he was the American people’s choice to lead the country, while others appreciated that he was not restrained in expressing his thoughts.

On social media, views were divided, with several Twitter users pointing out that the town hall would be a precious opportunity to call out Trump on some of his past statements that may have contributed to the January 6th insurrection.

Meanwhile, others complimented his ability to answer the questions well, clearly delivering his message and educating the public on his viewpoints.

What Donald Trump’s CNN town hall appearance means for cable news

Although Donald Trump’s appearance upheld CNN’s number one priority to give viewers the information they need, many are still baffled by the network’s decision to feature someone who relentlessly promoted baseless theories about election fraud and who inspired the January 6th insurrection incident at the Capitol Building.

It was a highly controversial decision from both sides like never before. For Trump supporters, the town hall was an essential opportunity for the former president to address the public directly and set the record straight on some of the issues troubling the nation.

On the other hand, CNN’s critics were not happy with the network’s decision to let Trump speak despite the controversies that have surrounded him.

Despite the divisions, one thing is sure: people still can’t keep their eyes off Donald Trump, and his performance once again sent waves around the country, leading many to ponder what the future may hold for him and his supporters.


Donald Trump appears to be making a steady comeback to the headlines, with his CNN town hall performance again drawing a lot of viewership and media attention.

While many still criticize the network for giving him a platform, others appreciated his candid responses to tough questions. Regardless of one’s political preference, it is clear that Trump’s presence remains influential in American politics, and nothing can stop him from sharing his viewpoints.

For the cable news industry and its viewers, this controversy sends a message that the world of media is still as divided as ever, and Donald Trump continues to be at the center of it all. It’s just a matter of time before more shocking news develops, and the world can’t wait to learn what’s next.

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