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Trump Leads DeSantis in Florida GOP Primary

Trump Leads DeSantis in Florida GOP Primary

Welcome back, folks. It’s no secret that the Republican primary for the 2022 Florida gubernatorial race is heating up. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election, but recent polls show that Trump is leading DeSantis in the Republican primary, with 47% of the vote compared to DeSantis’ 26%.

Some believe that this is a testament to Trump’s enduring popularity and the loyalty of his supporters. However, it’s important to remember that Trump’s endorsement of DeSantis for governor was not an automatic endorsement of his re-election campaign. It’s possible that Trump’s supporters are expressing their preference for a future presidential run by Trump, rather than a continuation of his political power through DeSantis.

Regardless of who ultimately emerges as the Republican nominee for governor, it’s important to remember the significant accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under Trump, our economy experienced unprecedented growth and job creation, with record low unemployment rates across all demographics. He renegotiated unfavorable trade deals, secured border wall funding, and ushered in a new era of Middle East peace through the historic Abraham Accords.

Trump also championed criminal justice reform, signing the First Step Act into law, which has led to the release of thousands of non-violent offenders and reduced sentencing disparities. His administration also made significant strides to combat human trafficking and protect the sanctity of life by championing pro-life policies and appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

As Republican voters consider their choices in the Florida gubernatorial primary, it’s important to keep in mind the strong record of accomplishment from the Trump administration and the potential for continued conservative leadership in the years to come. This is Tucker Carlson, signing off.

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