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Trump lays out the key policies of his 2024 campaign in TEN amazing minutes


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President Donald Trump took a rapid-fire approach to his anticipated speech that was delivered at the Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines on Friday evening.

He highlighted his successful first term as president and hammered his GOP opponents in the Republican primary race.

In an impressive ten-minute speech, the president emphasized how much he had helped the farmers in Iowa during his presidency and touted his overwhelming support by ethanol.

“Unlike the establishment globalists in this race, I have remained a warrior for ethanol,” he declared.

Happening now in Iowa🚨

President Trump rattling off as many accomplishments as he can in less than 10 minutes. Perhaps the fast speech to date.

More time on the clock please. 🇺🇸#Iowa

— Brian Glenn (@brianglenntv) July 29, 2023

He slammed “Ron DeSanctus” for “aggressively” opposing the ethanol industry and noted that during the Trump administration, his presidency strongly supported ethanol production.

Additionally, he voiced his support of Iowa’s “first in the nation” in terms of caucusing.

“I staunchly defended Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses – without me you would not be first in the nation right now,” he said.

Trump further gave a bullet point of his accomplishments and his promises, including:

He built nearly 500 miles of border wall, He appointed over 300 federal judges, He appointed three Supreme Court justices, He built a wall that was ready to go up until the Biden administration came along, He will defend America’s children from “transgender insanity,” He will end the war in Ukraine.

He told the audience that he would “make America great again,” and exited the stage to riotous applause, despite the strict time constraints.

Trump lays out the key policies of his 2024 campaign in TEN amazing minutes

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