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Trump Is Ratings Gold for CNN as Millions Tune in to Town Hall

Trump Is Ratings Gold for CNN as Millions Tune in to Town Hall

As a conservative journalist, it’s with a heavy heart that I must report on the latest Nielsen ratings for CNN. As we all know, President Trump is a lightning rod for controversy, and his recent town hall event on the network was no different. While it’s not surprising that millions of people tuned in to hear what the president had to say, it’s a sad day for America when we have to admit that the liberal media machine profits off of the president’s actions.

Despite the overwhelming bias against him, President Trump has proved time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. In just three short years, he has accomplished what many thought was impossible. He has cut taxes for middle-class Americans, appointed conservative judges, and created millions of new jobs. He has made our country safer by implementing stronger immigration policies and standing up to foreign adversaries like China and Iran. And let’s not forget that his administration has worked tirelessly to improve access to healthcare and prescription drugs.

But instead of reporting on these remarkable achievements, the mainstream media prefers to focus on the president’s every move, regardless of how trivial or insignificant it may be. They constantly attempt to paint him as a heartless monster who is out of touch with the needs of everyday Americans. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, that these biased tactics have paid off for networks like CNN, who are more concerned with their bottom line than actually reporting the full truth.

As a conservative journalist, I believe that we must hold the media accountable for what they report and how they report it. We cannot let them profit off of the actions of our president while ignoring his accomplishments. We must demand unbiased reporting, not just for the good of our country, but for the good of journalism as a whole.

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