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Trump indicted once again by Biden’s DOJ special counsel

Trump indicted once again by Biden’s DOJ special counsel

Wayne Dupree

No previous president has ever been imprisoned. However, former President Donald Trump is currently facing multiple charges in three criminal cases that, if convicted, could carry a possible life sentence.
Considering the 78 charges filed in Florida, New York and the District of Columbia, the combined prison term could reach nearly 600 years if served consecutively. To put that into perspective, the expected release date of Mr. Trump would be further back in time than the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America.

However, legal experts predict that, if convicted, Mr. Trump is more likely to receive concurrent convictions and recommendations for periods substantially shorter than the maximum penalties for each charge.

Mr Trump has strongly denied any wrongdoing in the cases, saying they are politically motivated and intended to hinder his bid for the White House in 2024.

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