Trump Has Massive Fundraising War Chest – IOTW Report

While our self-appointed leadership facilitates their “reset” of OUR society, why aren’t We the People facilitating a reset on our political landscape? Term limits sound great until you realize that if both pretend sides of the aisle are running a shit sandwich, We the People are going to get a shit sandwich.
The “parties” are the problem. While they feign support and representation of their respective affiliation, they are in fact, working in concert with each other to manipulate We the People into complete subjugation. We are either free or we are not. What’s it going to be?
As for President Trump’s War Chest, it sounds great! However, considering some of the piss poor choices Trump made with his cabinet, special counsel, AG’s etc…, I can only hope and pray the this “War Chest” finds it’s way to the appropriate, American-Loving candidates and not the same old bullshit We the People have been served since 1913.
Just my opinion.

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