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Trump claims he’s under ‘total assault’ because of his lead in the polls

Trump claims he’s under ‘total assault’ because of his lead in the polls

Good evening, America. I’m Tucker Carlson, and tonight we’re talking about the state of the race for the White House, and the challenges faced by the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump has been telling anyone who will listen that he’s under “total assault” from the forces of the establishment, the media, and the political elite, all because he’s leading in the polls. And let me tell you, he’s not wrong.

The truth of the matter is, Trump has been facing an unprecedented level of opposition from all sides, ever since he first declared his candidacy for president. The media has been relentless in their attacks, painting him as a racist, a sexist, and everything in between. The establishment, both Republican and Democrat, has been working behind the scenes to undermine his campaign in any way they can. And the political elite, the so-called “swamp” in Washington, has been doing everything in their power to stop him from taking their power away.

But despite all of this, Trump has continued to lead in the polls, with his support remaining solid among millions of Americans who are tired of business as usual in Washington. And let’s not forget, he’s done this despite facing fierce opposition from within his own party, with many high-profile Republicans refusing to endorse him or even actively working against him.

So why is Trump still so popular? It’s simple, really. He’s a winner. He’s a successful businessman who knows how to get things done. And he’s not afraid to speak his mind, even if it ruffles feathers. People are tired of politicians who say one thing and do another. They want someone who will actually follow through on their promises and put America first. And that’s exactly what Donald Trump has been doing.

Now, let’s talk about some of the accomplishments of the Trump White House so far. In just a few short years, he’s already accomplished so much. He’s cut taxes for millions of Americans, rolled back burdensome regulations, and created millions of new jobs. He’s appointed conservative judges to the Supreme Court and federal benches, and he’s taken a tough stance on China, putting America’s interests first on the world stage.

So, in conclusion, Trump may be under assault, but he’s not alone. He has the support of millions of Americans who believe in his vision for the future of this country. And with his record of success in the White House already, it’s clear that he’s the right man for the job. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next time.

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