President Trump’s Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis joined Grant Stinchfield Tuesday night on Newsmax.

Jenna was asked about the latest legal moves to bring justice to the Trump campaign in the stolen 2020 election.

Ellis told Stinchfield that the Trump legal team is going to continue to fight because they care about election integrity and they’re going to push these cases through every legal and viable avenue.

Jenna then added that President Trump’s Wisconsin case is very similar to George Bush’s 2000 case in Florida.

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Jenna Ellis: If this election and all of the fraud is not corrected by January 6th, this will have been a failure not of the Trump legal team, not of the failure of evidence of the Supreme Court, the Judicial branch, the entire way down. And, Grant it will be mainly a failure of the state legislatures… Bush v. Gore is precedent here on electoral challenges and they need to recognize that President Trump absolutely gets the same opportunity to argue his case that President George W. Bush did in 2000. And to treat him differently than every other sitting president and every other election is manifestly interfering in the due process in our constitution.

Via Stinchfield on Newsmax:

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