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Tragic accident at the Italian winery claims the life of a worker

A winemaker at the Ca’di Rajo winery in San Polo di Piave, Treviso, lost his life trying to rescue a colleague who had collapsed in a vat of wine. Firefighters in Italy, responding to the emergency call last Thursday, reported that the two were working in a tank recently emptied for bottling when they were overcome by dangerous fumes produced during the fermentation process of wine

Both individuals were not equipped with safety harnesses or breathing devices, increasing their vulnerability to toxic carbon dioxide fumes. The owner of the winery, Simone Cecchetto, conveyed her deep pain in a statement, highlighting the deep bond she shared with the two workers.

This accident rekindles concerns about workplace safety in Italy, and Massimiliano Paglini, the general secretary of the local trade union CISL Belluno Treviso, called for improved protection measures. Paglini’s call for action echoes Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s recent call to improve training in light of a series of unfortunate workplace accidents in the country, including a tragic event in which a worker died after let the rounds of cheese fall on him.

The continued loss of life in workplaces is deeply troubling. Despite the president’s call to increase security, we have yet to see effective measures implemented, Paglini lamented.

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