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Top Republicans Immediately Blast Appointment of David Weiss as Hunter Biden Special Counsel

Top Republicans Immediately Blast Appointment of David Weiss as Hunter Biden Special Counsel

Title: Top Republicans Immediately Blast Appointment of David Weiss as Hunter Biden Special Counsel


On Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced the appointment of experienced prosecutor David Weiss as special counsel to investigate matters relating to Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. The move, aimed at ensuring transparency and impartiality, has sparked a firestorm of criticism and condemnation from top Republicans almost instantaneously.

In a highly polarized political climate, the appointment of Weiss to probe Hunter Biden’s financial dealings has deepened the existing divisions, with Republicans arguing that it serves as proof of a biased government working against their party’s interests. Let’s delve into the immediate backlash from prominent figures within the Republican Party.

1. Senator Ted Cruz:

Leading the assault was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who lambasted the appointment as “yet another example of the weaponization of law enforcement against conservatives.” Cruz asserted that Weiss, a Democrat and a longtime associate of President Biden, lacks the necessary independence to conduct an unbiased investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged financial improprieties. He further argued that the appointment reinforces concerns about the politicization of the Department of Justice.

2. Representative Jim Jordan:

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, criticized the special counsel appointment as a desperate attempt to protect the Bidens and suppress any potentially damaging information. Jordan questioned the timing of the decision, suggesting that it was conveniently made when interest surrounding Hunter Biden had begun to resurface. He urged Weiss to prove his independence by pursuing the investigation aggressively, without fear or favor.

3. Senator Lindsey Graham:

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham expressed skepticism regarding the notion of an impartial investigation led by Weiss. Graham contended that it was unreasonable to expect the prosecutor to genuinely scrutinize the President’s son when he had donated to Biden’s presidential campaign in the past. Graham called for a broader investigation that encompasses multiple agencies and argued that appointing a special counsel does not guarantee fairness.

4. Representative Steve Scalise:

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise from Louisiana joined the chorus of disapproval, stating that the appointment of Weiss raises concerns about the DOJ’s credibility under the Biden administration. Scalise called for transparency, emphasizing that the American people deserve to know the truth about the allegations surrounding Hunter Biden’s financial dealings. He questioned if Weiss would be steadfast in his pursuit of justice despite his personal affiliations.


The appointment of David Weiss as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden has set off a wave of immediate backlash from top Republicans. The criticism centers on the perception that Weiss lacks the necessary independence to objectively investigate the President’s son, given his past association with President Biden’s political campaign. The increasing polarization and mistrust between parties heighten the stakes of this investigation, emphasizing the pressure on Weiss to deliver an impartial and transparent outcome. As the probe progresses, the calls for a fair and comprehensive investigation that restores faith in the justice system are likely to persist.

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