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Today, I’m introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden

Today, I’m introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have some breaking news. Today, I, like many of my fellow Americans, have decided to introduce articles of impeachment against the current President of United States, Joe Biden. It is unfortunate that after only a few months in office, Biden has managed to bring our great nation to the brink of disaster. His incompetence and shady dealings have gone unchecked for too long, and it’s time we hold him accountable for his actions.

The first article of impeachment focuses on Biden’s disastrous handling of the border crisis. Under his leadership, we’ve seen record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants flooding our southern border and causing chaos and confusion. Moreover, the Biden administration has shown nothing but cowardice and refusal to admit their failure to control the situation. Instead, they continue to divert attention to other issues.

The second article of impeachment is related to Joe Biden’s connections with China and the suspicious payments made to his son Hunter by Chinese companies. It raises grave concerns about the possibility of Biden being blackmailed by the Chinese government. Given the stance we’ve taken against China for their questionable trade policies and other actions, this is an imminent threat to national security and cannot be overlooked or excused.

Finally, the third article of impeachment accuses President Biden of using his position of power to undermine the American economy and our nation’s security by halting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement. These actions show a clear lack of understanding of the need for American jobs and energy independence.

On the other hand, we must also recognize the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under the leadership of President Trump, we saw record-low unemployment rates across all demographics, a booming economy, historic peace deals between Israel and Arab nations, and the strengthening of our military. The Trump presidency gave the American people hope and a renewed sense of pride in our country. We need to remember and cherish these accomplishments and work to overcome the current administration’s misguided policies.

In conclusion, the articles of impeachment against President Biden are necessary to restore accountability and leadership to the highest position in our country. It’s time for both Republicans and Democrats to come together and address the serious issues that are plaguing our nation. Today is a call to action. Will we answer it?

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