Tis the Season for Endurance as the Globalist Grinch Grows

Tis the Season for Endurance as the Globalist Grinch Grows

Thanks given, souls fed, lost friends honored. The feast of Turkey, stuffing, and potluck deserts has come and gone, and for those who were not bullied by fear into isolation from family, it served as the perfect medicine for the woes of a tough year now past, and an uncertain season ahead.

The comfort food and societally approved time off provided a necessary meal for our souls. A time to laugh and loiter with loved ones that we were either too afraid, too busy, or too poor to meet up with during 2021.

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It also provided a perfect time to reflect on the battles won and lost, and the friends and family that no longer fight alongside us.

Regardless of your political leanings, we all share the burden of an uninvited brush with death in the past year, whether it be during the mysterious ‘Delta’ wave of COVID which followed mass vaccination or through the inevitable passing away of the last great generation that brought America to prominence post-World War 2.

With that said, the way we properly honor those who have fallen is by remembering this season for the joy and hope it brings, rather than the deaths it has helped us cope with.

This is a season where joy and hope should abound, and where the righteous rest in preparation for the hellish promises of the communist usurpers.

Whether it be the prospects of another untrustworthy national election, millions losing their jobs for lack of vaccination, or patriotism and parental concern being considered akin to acts of terror, a remnant of resistors face the daily seduction of compromise and submission in exchange for the hopium of lost normalcy.

If you are among that frozen chosen, do not believe Satan’s lies, that freedom comes from surrender to tyranny, or that you’re alone in your stand because you are temporarily isolated from your allies.

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Instead, look to your brother and sister, neighbor and coworker, friend and foe, with a steely resolve and a temperament of joy, resting in the peace Christ brought through mankind’s promise of salvation and the decisive defeat of the Devil.

Let these words of wisdom be your warmth at the Valley Forge’s of our day, in the hospitals, the barracks, and the school board meetings: Joy helps us endure. Joy proceeds peace. Joy can be found in the presence of Jesus. Joy is the fruit if Jesus is the root. Joy is found in praise. Joy is found in the presence of people.

If you lack joy, find your local church. And I’m not talking about the dead church with no soul, or the sinning denomination with no salt, I’m talking about the Bible-believing Christians in your town. They exist, they gather somewhere locally every week, and they WANT to meet fellow ambassadors of joy and hope to worship loudly and act boldly in the authority of Our King, Jesus Christ.

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While every facet of modern society is popularizing compromise, submission, and acclimation, let us be the poster children of resistance, and the heralds of endurance.

Let our stand be a testimony of strength, and comfort to the fellow soldiers in the trenches. Let our resistance inspire saints and scare tyrants, for “he who endures to the end shall be saved, and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

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    Tis the Season for Endurance as the Globalist Grinch Grows
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