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Focusing on criminality, low IQ and the like, with special emphasis on the supposed biological causes of Bantoids dysfunction is a mistake. High IQ and low crime “model minorities” will have a corrupting effect on America far beyond the Bantoid problems, which are usually just social nuisances.

Some in the “HBD sphere” are people who fear black people, or who had bad experiences of being mugged or bullied in an urban setting. They feel entitled to an urban bubble for which, however, they have never fought; never been in a fistfight. Then complain about IQ, biological tendency to crime, etc.

Bantoids are a political nullity. In the countries where they form a large % there are social problems, but it is only a social NUISANCE unless they become props in each other’s political struggles. But for example a judiciary that is important % Han and paneer is a civilization ending scenario

The absurdity of the popular why they get excited over emotionally charged images like a black football player with a white cheerleader girlfriend that are flashy tabloid oddities that don’t affect anything; but it is the “model minorities” that actually corrupt the good labor market and meritocracy

The corruption of meritocracy in America has less to do with the Bantoids than with the “model minority” “newcomers” from societies with high corruption, nepotism, fair play of sociopathic contempt and, in some cases, age-old traditions of deception and game bureaucratic meritocracy.

It’s not either-or…both can be recognized as problems, but the fact is they often aren’t; and a lot of the emerging consensus that you see from people like Hanania, but also a lot of the old sphere adjacent to NRx, is the idea of ​​a nonsensical joke and a downright disaster: “Nationalism IQ”

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