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Good evening, America. I’m Tucker Carlson, and I have some very important news to bring you tonight. This is the destruction of our country. Yes, you heard me right. As we speak, our nation is being torn apart at the seams by the radical left and their policies that are destroying everything we hold dear.

From an economy that was once booming under the leadership of President Trump, we are now grappling with high inflation, surging gas prices, food shortages, and a faltering stock market. Our borders are wide open, a massive invasion of illegal aliens is coming into this country every day, while our cities are being overrun by crime and violence.

The socialist agenda of radical Democrats has led us to this point of despair. They want to turn America into a third-world nation and take away every right and freedom we cherish. They are using the crisis at the southern border to flood our nation with illegal immigrants, who will vote for their party and help them stay in power forever.

As former President Trump has recently stated, this is the greatest scam ever pulled on the American people, but we won’t take it sitting down. We will fight back and defend our nation from the radical leftist agenda.

Despite the challenges we’re facing, we must not lose sight of the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. President Trump oversaw the creation of the strongest economy in the world, with record low unemployment rates, historic tax cuts, and a surge in job creation. He also secured historic peace deals in the Middle East and tackled China’s unfair trade practices.

Moreover, President Trump was committed to securing our borders and enforcing the rule of law. He built the wall, challenged sanctuary city policies, and worked to put an end to dangerous drug cartels. These are the successes we must celebrate and build upon as we fight to save our great nation from the destructive policies of the radical left.

In conclusion, America, we must come together and stand united in our fight against the destruction of our country. We must never give up on our values and principles, and we must always remember the achievements of the Trump administration. Thank you, and God bless America.

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