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This is an actual video used for HR training that compares whites to mosquitoes to explain why black violence is justified.

A school in New Prague, Minnesota used this video as human resources training for their teachers. See if you notice anything strange.

There is a word for the way people are portrayed and treated in this video used to train teachers in Minnesota… I can’t think of it.

Oh yes!

Microaggressions! Whites are the same mosquitoYes! They suck the life out of you little by little! And if you want to react violently because someone said they like your hair, that’s totally fine!

Everyone knows the #RightSideOfHistory people pick a group of people to hate, call them vermin, and then explain why violence against them is okay!

That’s what we teach teachers, that’s what kids are taught, and that’s what HR feeds ALL in corporate America.

This was not created for this particular school, it actually is a 2016 video from the Fusion Comedy Network. And you can tell it’s a Hollywood comedy video by the fact that it’s not funny and it’s also just a lecture.

The video has been making the rounds in woke circles for years, appearing at various events and training sessions.

If you’re a conservative and you say things that people find offensive, even if they’re not offensive, then you’re a gnat. A literal plague.

And you know what we do with mosquitoes…

There are those who say that mosquitoes are only “microaggressions”.

Oh ok, so if we get racial abusers like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo here and ask them if black people can have microaggressions, they’ll say, “Yeah, racism and insensitivity work both ways because we’re all humans. and equally capable of sin,” right?


We all know this is a one-way street that paints “whiteness” as evil. CRT teaches that “whiteness” and “microaggressions” merge, and if your skin is subjectively light enough, you can never get rid of it. You can “identify” as anything these days except a different culture/skin tone if you’re white, meaning you’re defined by your immutable “whiteness” and the microaggressions involved. There is no way to separate these things in the woke racist worldview, i.e. if mosquitoes are microaggressions, therefore they are white.

The only way you can possibly atone for your evil white heart is to “do the work” and “do better,” by which they mean “believe in Karl Marx as your Lord and Savior and destroy anything that reminds us of European Christians”.

And if you point it out, the wookies say “why are you so ‘damaged’?”

I don’t know, my “non-binary queer”, maybe people are tired of the woke “microaggressions” we face a billion times a day. Damn, let’s call them macroattacks, because everyone in power is trying to force-feed Americans gay racist communism right now.

Now we can bring a flamethrower to our enemies like the people in your video, right?

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