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THIRD PROJECT VERITAS SOURCE: Project Veritas Reporters waiting for board meeting details to act – The Donald – America First

I don’t know why people on the right still expect a fair result through the legal system. How did that work for voter fraud? How did this work out for the COVID vaccine killers? How did that work out for Derek Chauvin? The trial would be held in New York (where Project Veritas is registered), which is a heavily Democratic state.

Also, you don’t understand how the Board of Directors demand works. They would defend themselves WITH PROJECT VERITAS’ OWN MONEY. Yes, you ask them, they have $25 million to pay legal fees. They don’t care, it’s not their own money. You can try to sue them personally, but they probably have clauses in their contract that indemnify them and insurance anyway. The worst case scenario is that some insurance company pays a couple of million.

If there’s one thing the Deep State does, it’s take care of its stooges. So what did Project Veritas screw up? This was his “job”! They will be rewarded with effortless jobs on the Board of Directors of other corporations and charities.

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