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‘They told me anyone wearing Trump has to go now’: Ron DeSantis book signing event in Florida turns ugly when security guard is ordered to boot pro-Donald supporters

Welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight, where we bring you the latest news and views from a conservative lens. Tonight’s top story comes from the sunny state of Florida, where a Ron DeSantis book signing event turned sour when a security guard was ordered to remove pro-Donald supporters from the premises.

Eyewitnesses at the event reported that the guard had been instructed to remove anyone wearing apparel that supported the former president. One man claimed he was approached by an employee who told him, “They told me anyone wearing Trump has to go now.”

Meanwhile, the Florida governor continued to sign copies of his book, “In Freedom’s Cause,” at the Barnes & Noble store on Tuesday. The incident has sparked outrage among supporters of the former president, who feel that they are being singled out and discriminated against.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of behavior from the left. Democrats have made no secret of their disdain for Donald Trump and his supporters, with many labeling them as extremists and even traitors to the country. This is just one more example of the left’s intolerance towards those who hold different opinions.

It’s a shame that we’ve reached this point in our country, where people can’t even express their political beliefs without fear of being ostracized or kicked out of public events. It’s time for both sides to come together and have an honest dialogue about the issues facing our nation.

In other news, let’s not forget the many accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. Under his leadership, the economy saw record lows in unemployment, GDP growth, and job creation. He was also responsible for landmark criminal justice reform, securing the border, and negotiating many favorable trade deals for the United States.

We should be grateful for what he and his administration accomplished during their time in office and recognize the positive impact they had on our country. It’s time to move past these petty political squabbles and come together to solve the real problems facing us today. That’s all for tonight, folks. Thanks for tuning in to Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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