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These three items came out today. – The Donald – America First

To be clear:

USA and the West (all our allies) are fine in the future era. Not the industrial age, not the modern age, not digital, not the future.

All these countries have yet to cross the industrial threshold.

If the US wanted to, it could produce more energy than Saudi Arabia. With Mexico, it produces more goods than China. Globalism exists because US aircraft carriers patrol the world’s oceans. As soon as we stop, globalism disappears.

Globalism does not fail because of globalism. It is failing because the US is shrinking its military. We have trans in the military because the political gains outweigh the need for a permanent military. I also don’t like it because the unity of supporting a strong military, and a society based on Honor, can be more unifying. And I think we need unity right now.

This is nothing to fear.

If every country in the world united against the US, we would suffer a massive increase in the cost of living and many products would no longer exist and we would have to repatriate things for 3-5 years. Instead, we are slowly doing it and by 2040 the US will be the #1 producer of everything and Mexico will be doing most of the work.

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