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There are some criminal illegal aliens that Biden forgot to release and the ACLU is furious…

Perhaps nothing better illuminates the strange form of corruption and chaos we experience today than the concept of “anarcho-tyranny.” In short, anarcho-tyranny refers to the anarchy resulting from the democrats’ refusal to prosecute criminals for violent crimes and theft, and the tyranny that results from it. The Democrats’ aggressive prosecution of their political enemies. New York’s Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg represents a perfect example of anarcho-tyranny in action, with his refusal to prosecute many basic crimes in New York, along with his bending of the law to the level of a Olympic gymnast to invent one politically charged case against Trump.

The Biden regime enthusiastically embraces anarchotyranny, on the one hand convicting young people for innocent tweets mocking Hillary Clinton, indicting his main political rival Trump on false charges, and on the other hand presiding over the descent into crime from many of the largest cities in the United States. – hells mounted. One of the best examples of the “anarchy” side of things is Biden’s complete and utter failure to secure America’s border. Since Biden took office, more than 6 million illegal immigrants have poured across the border, generating massive profits for grisly cartels and exacerbating a plague of drugs, crime and sex trafficking in our body politic.

Cartel-style brutality has come to America, courtesy of Biden’s lax border policies

The influx of migrants has contributed to social problems and mass crime across the country. New York City has tried to offload some of its excess to other areas of the state, with predictable results

The situation is so bad that prominent fast food chain Shake Shack had to close its main locations in New York, as they had been repurposed as a migrant shelter.

Prominent New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer, who founded the popular Shake Shack chain, is closing two of his restaurants after the historic hotel they are staying in became a migrant shelter.[New York Post]

The reasonable citizen might wonder if any of these illegal aliens are being detained or if they are all being released inside the United States, where they are often treated better than poor American citizens. Given the enormous magnitude of the problem, it should be noted that only thirty thousand illegal immigrants are currently detained by ICE, of which more than eight thousand are convicted felons and another three thousand are pending charges.

For a variety of reasons, more than ninety percent of illegal aliens detained by ICE are held in private detention facilities. Far left organizations like the disgraced ACLU that are opposes all immigration enforcement and detention So they have declared war on these private facilities in their effort to thwart even the meager level of enforcement that the Biden regime is willing to grant to an increasingly dispossessed American population. As long as an illegal immigrant is being detained, Open Borders Biden obviously doesn’t have open borders enough for the likes of the ACLU.

Media of the regime Reuters has jumped into the fray, taking Biden to task not for his complete failure to control the border, but for the fact that there is still, despite Biden, minimal detention. Surprisingly, the best sympathy case Reuters found was that of an illegal immigrant from Liberia with a rap sheet that includes multiple thefts, drug and alcohol offenses.

Returning to the concept of anarcho-tyranny, it seems that the ACLU is not always as passionate in its opposition to legal detention as it is in the case of noble illegal immigrants. Predictably, the ACLU defended Jack Smith’s ridiculous January 6 accusation against Trump.

Aside from his attack on special interests and the foreign policy war machine, Trump’s bold statements calling for strong borders account for the lion’s share of the hate he has received from our corrupt regime. Trump famously and simply put it: “if we don’t have borders we don’t have a country.” The ACLU’s recent attacks on the very principle of detaining illegal aliens are yet another reminder of why the regime is so dedicated to getting Trump out, and why America desperately needs him back in the Oval Office to finish what he started


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