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The water is safe, you just have to spend a while… – The Donald – America First

Whoever decided to make the control cream had no idea of ​​the chemicals involved. Spills also seeped into three streams that fed the Ohio River (a source of water for many.) The concentration of chemicals was high enough to kill aquatic life, which will then be eaten by carrion feeders, concentrated , will kill them and proceed all. the way up the food chain.

Vinyl chloride when burned produces:

hydrogen chloride: combines with atmospheric water to create hydrochloric acid. chemical irritant when inhaled phosgene gas: used in World War I as a chemical warfare agent. I’m sure this is what caused breathing problems for many in the area. The gas smells like hay/cut grass and contaminates land and water supplies. Boiling water doesn’t get rid of it. carbon monoxide

The other chemicals butyl and ethyl acrylates are skin/respiratory irritants, while monobutyl ethylene glycol is a carcinogen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Norfolk Southern could be carrying other chemicals that aren’t on the manifest.

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