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The Washington Post Calls Out Biden Over Press Conference Avoidance

The Washington Post Calls Out Biden Over Press Conference Avoidance

In recent times, President Joe Biden has been avoiding press conferences, and the media is not having it. The Washington Post editorial board has issued a statement asking why President Biden is afraid of holding press conferences. The article highlighted that Biden has not held any solo press conferences in 2023, and the only instances where he spoke to the press were during “joint” press conferences with visiting world leaders. This lack of accountability from the President has caused concern among journalists and the American people alike.

In the past 100 years, only two other presidents have held fewer news conferences than Biden – Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan. This statistic, coupled with the fact that Biden has had only 54 interviews in his first two years in office, the lowest for any president since Reagan, moving critics to accuse him of press avoidance.

The Washington Post editorials stressed that Biden’s avoidance of press conferences is harmful to his presidency and the nation at large. Biden’s avoidance of accountability, transparency, and failure to answer unscripted questions is leading to a growing loss of confidence among the American people.

Biden’s Record on Press Conferences

Joe Biden’s avoidance of press conferences is far from new. Since becoming president, he has been criticized for not holding press conferences. Biden’s team has gone to great lengths to avoid answering the tough questions that naturally arise in press conferences.

According to the New York Times, Trump gave 202 press conferences in his first two years in office, while Obama held 275 over the same period. Biden made only 54 appearances in interviews during his first two years in office, the lowest number of any president since Reagan.

Biden’s hesitance to hold formal press conferences is a major concern for the media. His appearances are carefully orchestrated and scripted, with no room for unscripted questions. Contrarily, in the past, presidents have held regular press conferences to communicate directly with the public and ensure transparency in their decision-making processes.

Many reporters have criticized Biden for choosing to hold interviews with pre-selected journalists during the pandemic when people in attendance would be limited. This has led to questions into whether his team is hiding him from public scrutiny.

The Implications of Biden’s Press Avoidance

The presidency is a public office, and the American people have a right to see and hear from their elected leader. When the president avoids press conferences, it creates a perception that he is avoiding accountability and transparency, which can harm the government’s credibility.

Typically, at press conferences, journalists ask questions on behalf of the American people. It is essential that the President answers these questions to give citizens the confidence that their leader is making decisions on their behalf transparently and openly.

The absence of regular press conferences also means that the American people have no way of knowing what the president is thinking, and his intentions are not open to scrutiny. The lack of transparency creates room for speculation and conspiracy theories, causing an erosion of trust in the government.

Additionally, a president’s press conferences are an essential element in shaping public opinion. Regular press conferences allow the Commander-in-Chief to discuss topics that are important to the nation at large, inform Americans of government initiatives and policy changes, and reassure the public during crisis situations.

Avoiding the press also means that the President is missing an opportunity to communicate directly with his constituents and create a sense of unity. As the leader of the nation, appearing before the media and the American people is vital, especially in times of crisis.

The Role of the Media in Holding the President Accountable

The media plays an essential role in holding the government accountable to the American people. Journalists are tasked with asking the tough questions that ensure transparency and accountability in government.

When the President avoids press conferences, he is not only avoiding accountability but also undermining the media’s role in the democratic process. The press is supposed to help facilitate an informed public, and when the President avoids them, it is counterproductive.

Journalists are not critics; they are watchdogs of the government. They are charged with the duty of asking questions that demand answers so that the public remains informed. The role of the press is to act as a check on the government, ensuring that its actions are legal, transparent and serving the best interests of the American people.


The media’s role in democratic governance cannot be overstated. It is incumbent upon the President to respect the role of the media and hold regular press conferences. Biden’s avoidance of press conferences is detrimental to the public interest, transparency, and accountability in governance.

Regular press conferences allow the media to keep the government accountable to the American people, provide transparency and unscripted answers, and facilitate informed dialogue between government officials and the public. Failing to hold these press conferences is a failure to uphold the democratic principles that make America a leading global power.

In conclusion, the media and the government should work together to promote transparency, accountability, and informed dialogue in American democracy. President Biden should hold regular press conferences to reassure the American people that government decisions are being made in their best interests and in a transparent manner. By doing so, the President can regain the public’s trust and demonstrate that the government is committed to transparency and accountability.

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