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‘The View’ Seemingly Clueless About Latest Biden Investigation, Compares It to Bud Light Boycott

Title: ‘The View’ Seemingly Clueless About Latest Biden Investigation, Compares It to Bud Light Boycott


In a recent episode of ABC’s popular talk show “The View,” the hosts seemed shockingly uninformed about the latest investigation surrounding President Joe Biden. Instead of digging deeper into the matter, they surprisingly drew a comparison between this serious probe and the trivial issue of a Bud Light boycott. This lack of awareness highlights a concerning trend in the media, where important political news is overshadowed by inconsequential distractions.

The Biden Investigation

The investigation under scrutiny revolves around Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. The Justice Department recently confirmed that they are reviewing Hunter Biden’s financial records, tax affairs, and business dealings. This development questions potential ethical concerns and calls into focus the transparency and accountability of the Biden family.

Yet, on “The View,” the conversation surrounding this investigation was alarmingly subdued. Some hosts even defended Joe Biden, arguing that he had not been implicated personally. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that investigations like these aim to shed light on potential improprieties, regardless of whether or not the president himself is directly involved.

Comparing Seriousness to a Bud Light Boycott

To everyone’s disbelief, the hosts of “The View” drew a seemingly incomprehensible comparison between the investigation into Hunter Biden and a minor boycott of Bud Light beer. This analogy trivializes the seriousness of the investigation and exposes a lack of understanding regarding the depth of its potential ramifications.

Comparing a situation involving a potential misuse of power and questionable financial transactions to a boycott of a popular beer brand is, at best, misguided and, at worst, a deliberate attempt to downplay a politically sensitive issue for personal bias or public perception.

The Danger of Informed Ignorance

This incident on “The View” is just one example of a larger problem within today’s media landscape. It is crucial for journalists and commentators to be well-informed about significant political events and investigations before discussing them on public platforms. The misrepresentation of important news can have severe consequences, as it distorts public understanding and perception of crucial matters impacting the country.

Discussion and Analysis

When it comes to political talk shows like “The View,” viewers expect hosts to provide accurate information, fair analysis, and thoughtful discussions. It is undeniable that political bias often infiltrates these discussions, but the responsibility to present news responsibly and truthfully should take precedence.

Shows like “The View” hold significant influence, shaping public opinion and driving conversations. With this influence comes a responsibility to educate and inform viewers about crucial events, even if they may challenge the beliefs and perspectives of the show’s hosts.


While “The View” remains a popular platform for discussing current events, it is essential for the hosts to stay informed and exhibit an understanding of the significance and potential consequences of the topics they cover. Although comparisons can be useful when framing discussions, comparing serious investigations like the one surrounding Hunter Biden to a Bud Light boycott undermines the public’s trust in informed discourse.

The media plays a vital role in keeping the public informed about matters challenging those in positions of power. It is crucial that shows like “The View” approach the news with diligence, providing accurate information and fostering discussions that encourage critical thinking about important political events. Only then can they truly uphold their responsibility as influential platforms within the media landscape.

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