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‘The View’ Reacts to Texas Mall Shooting: Hispanics, Blacks Can Be ‘White Supremacists’ Too

‘The View’ Reacts to Texas Mall Shooting: Hispanics, Blacks Can Be ‘White Supremacists’ Too

On “The View,” Ana Navarro sparked a debate by claiming that being Hispanic or black doesn’t stop someone from supporting white supremacy while discussing the recent mass shooting at a mall in Dallas.

According to law enforcement sources, 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia is the suspected shooter in the deadly attack that left eight dead and several others injured. Anonymous law enforcement sources claim Garcia may have been motivated by white supremacist ideology, citing extremist social media posts and a chest patch that read “RWDS.”

While Navarro’s co-hosts were taken aback by the suggestion, he insisted that the shooter’s Hispanic background should not prevent him from having white supremacist beliefs. Other progressive figures have made similar claims in the past, including Jemele Hill and Bree Newsome Bass, who argued that black police officers may be motivated by white supremacist ideology.

“We must all remember that the head of the Proud Boys. His name is Enrique Tarrio. The Proud Boys are a white nationalist group. Look, being Hispanic or being black doesn’t, or being anything doesn’t make you immune to being racist, to being radicalized, to being a white supremacist, to being evil, to being a murderer. And we are seeing it again and again. There are people who don’t see themselves as they are,” said Navarro.

“Being Hispanic or being black or being anything doesn’t make you immune to being… a white supremacist” – Ana Navarro.

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) May 8

While Sunny Hostin remarked that the accusation was “strange” to her, she also touted the alleged threat of “white supremacy” to democracy.

“But this shooter who was Hispanic and Latino, strange to me, had a white supremacist moniker on him. So Christopher Wray, those are not my words, so people don’t start with the ‘I’m a piece of shit ‘career left.” Christopher Wray said the greatest threat to our democracy is white supremacy and domestic terrorism. He testified before Congress,” Hostin said.

“Even with that testimony, you have someone named Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, where there have been so many shootings saying mental health and there’s nothing else we can do, but we can do this piece. Republicans should be ashamed – of themselves, he added. “They have the power to make change. Get rid of the AR-15s.”

The ABC talk show has come under fire in the past for issues related to race, including controversial comments by hosts Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg.

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