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The video shows an attack by a Florida umpire at a baseball game

A Florida father mercilessly punched an umpire during a baseball game last month. The video shows the referee being knocked unconscious by the violent father.

The brutal attack happened on April 18, during the baseball game between Liberty High School and Victory Charter School in Kissimmee, Florida.

The Florida man, identified by police as 41-year-old Jorge Ignacio Aponte-Gonzalez, allegedly had a problem with how the referee was communicating with his son.

Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said at a news conference Wednesday, “From what I understand, the kid was being disruptive, so the ref said, ‘Hey, keep it down,'” keeping control. They went back and forth a little bit. I. I don’t know exactly what was traded, but it was referee to son, pretty much to keep control of the game, and that’s what upset the father.”

The video shows Aponte-Gonzalez walking across the baseball field to confront the umpire. The referee was looking away when the father gave him a violent punch.

Lopez said the referee was “knocked out.”

The suspect allegedly fled the scene of the crime. Police reviewed video of the dangerous attack and determined that the alleged assailant was Aponte-González.

The sheriff did not know the referee’s health, but said he spoke with him and he was in “good spirits.”

The father reportedly told police he attacked the referee because he was “standing up for his son.”

Lopez said, “There shouldn’t be any parent who acts like that in public,” adding, “Sometimes adults act worse than kids.”

Lopez revealed that he had previously met the unnamed referee and that he is a “good man.”

“This referee is a 63-year-old man, he’s a United States military veteran, he’s a disabled veteran,” Lopez said. “He does this because he has a passion for baseball and he likes to give back to his community, and he loves to spend his time with baseball and the kids.”

Lopez continued, “(The victim) has a son who is in the military, who also has a passion for baseball, wants to coach like him and umpire like him and said he hopes he never has to go through this. He wants do it. This guy is sure not going to do this to anyone again.”

Aponte-Gonzalez faces charges of battery on an athletic official and disruption of a school function, according to WPLG. The father was booked into the Osceola County Jail on $1,500 bond.

WARNING: Graphic video

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