The “V” in VP must stand for Vapid – IOTW Report

The “V” in VP must stand for Vapid – IOTW Report

Patriot Retort:
I love the word vapid.

I don’t know why it tickles me to use it, but it does.

Vapid has so much more heft and meaning behind it than, say, “stupid” or “dumb.”

Same goes for vacuous.

Vacuous shares the same Latin root as the word vacuum – an empty space completely devoid of any substance or matter.

Vacuous and vapid are synonyms.

They are both delightfully wonderful words.

And both describe Vice President🤣 Kamala Harris to a tee.

This isn’t a new revelation by any stretch.

Hell, even Democrat primary voters could sniff out the lack of substance or matter behind the toothy smile.

After her one and only debate against Mike Pence, I concluded:

And if Kamala’s showing at last night’s debate is any indication, America would be stuck with a President and Commander-in-Chief with the intellectual depth of an Inspiration-a-Day calendar and the international gravitas of a vapid beauty contestant.

Sure, she talks a lot. But the fact is, she never says anything of substance.


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