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The stolen 2020 election continues to mock America!

The stolen 2020 election continues to mock America!

The entire Republican “establishment” is having a collective meltdown over President Trump’s refusal to take an oath of allegiance to the party. From Washington to Iowa, entrenched Republicans are decrying their unwillingness to make the wishes of party elites their principled “guiding points” in the upcoming presidential campaign season. However, given the issues the Party has completely abandoned, along with the comparative distractions it chooses to dwell on, President Trump is absolutely right to reject further messing around.

By far the most important and definitive issue of the day, the mention of which sends members of the party instantly into the tall grass, is the stolen presidential election of 2020. No matter how the Republican elites try to spin it – them and cover them up, the The fact is that a vast network of vote fraud, perpetrated in the wee hours of the morning on November 4, turned what was obviously a comfortable victory for Trump into an alleged “fragile” victory ” from the mentally incompetent and weak Joe Biden.

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Everyone saw the robbery. But the brazen left-wing ballot stuffing and vote rigging brought its own “shock and awe” factor, shocking many on the right into questioning what they had just witnessed. However, this act was truly surpassed by the ferocity of the condemnation hurled at anyone who dared state the obvious. Within days, even conservative stalwarts were intimidated by the enormity of the left-wing backlash and backed off with bland terms like “possible voting irregularities” in a futile effort to avoid becoming the target of the democrat anger of the left.

Now, as the 2024 presidential election cycle heats up, RINO sales share a common goal with the Democrats, which is to simply pretend the 2020 election theft never happened. In textbook Alinsky fashion, the “conventional wisdom” is being pronounced with a professed degree of assurance and moral authority that we may not have seen since Moses came down from Mount Sinai with those stone tablets. Anyone who dares to treat the 2020 cycle of betrayal as anything less than “the safest election in American history” is considered the worst of heretics and an imminent threat to “democracy.”

Fortunately, President Trump steadfastly refuses to back down. Also, the majority of the Republican base is decidedly on his side. The days of blind trust in the “nightly news” are over. Leftist propaganda simply doesn’t have the dominance it once did, even if “mainstream” Republicans inside the Beltway are still willing to play along. And it is this, more than any other aspect of who he is, that makes President Trump his greatest enemy, one who must be silenced at all costs.

Hence the recent barrage of bogus “accusations”, which are themselves the real criminality on the public stage. Having failed to shame President Trump into denying the truth about the stolen election (Trump is reflexively immune to Alinsky’s strategy), the armed DOJ is now targeting him for prosecution. The sole purpose of this effort is to claim grounds for his “disqualification” from running in 2024. They fear that he will rally the American people again in massive numbers, and they cannot risk the possibility of another election theft not succeed

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No matter how the left tries to turn off any light on their treachery or how the RINOs bend and contort themselves in their effort to aid and abet the left while claiming to be “conservatives”, Americans are becoming more aware every day of how devastating the 2020 coup has been to our nation and its future. More than any individual issue, the shift in power from a rigged “voting” system can be irreversible.

With textbook predictability, the moment left-wing Democrats took the reins of power, they imposed their moral/spiritual depravity and instituted disgusting policies with a fervor and brutality designed to deceive man common leading him to believe that they really had a “warrant”. From the devastation of America’s energy industry to the elimination of our southern border to the circus sideshow of lunatic Cabinet appointees, the message was that this was the “desired” direction of the Nation, according to the “will of the voter”.

Of course, these run-ins have horrible consequences, not only in the immediate but also in the long term. The deliberate and treacherous withdrawal from Afghanistan, while handing over nearly $100 billion in military assets to the terrorist Taliban and costing untold innocent lives, revealed to the world an America that foreign powers can no longer trust, regardless of who is in charge. It makes no sense to align with our nation, even if a strong and principled leader is in office, only to instantly switch it to the opposite direction during the next stolen election.

The nation faces an unrelenting barrage of daily attacks on its economy, its international standing, its founding principles, and every aspect of what once made us great. To our horror, we witness the revolving door of massive spending in Ukraine and other clearly illegal abuses of our national treasury. The list of crimes committed by Hunter and the rest of the Biden Crime Family continues to grow. The horrifying nature of child trafficking on such a massive scale screams systemic corruption and downright dirty “law” enforcement. Terrorists and drug cartel bosses are pouring across the open southern border. Meanwhile, the federal government is determined to trample on your ability to own a gas stove if you so choose. None of this happens by chance. The goal is to make the damage irreparable and silence anyone who might object.

By definition, those Republicans who refuse to acknowledge the stolen election of 2020 reveal their unwillingness to truly confront the evil tide it represents. So a completely politicized third world kangaroo court can wage war against President Trump. On the contrary, he knows from painful personal experience the extent of the problem and the fundamental need to address it.

We are often told that “Choices have consequences.” And to the extent that Americans have sometimes failed to understand the nature of an imminent threat, they have made poor decisions at the polls that have often taught them bitter but valuable lessons. However, if the leadership and direction of the Country can be forcibly and illegally snatched from their hands, a much worse fate awaits them. The corrupt “system” simply will not be fixed. Stolen elections, if not rectified, can have fatal consequences.

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