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The sports columnist just shared an interesting new theory about why the NBA, NFL and MLB “woke up”…

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Many fans are left scratching their heads, wondering what has happened to their favorite sports team. Sports used to revolve around the game itself, providing entertainment and delighting the fans. Somewhere along the way, the influence of the left began to slip, and as with everything they touch, our nation’s beloved pastimes turned to shit. From the NFL’s controversial kneeling anthem to the NBA and MLB’s support of drag queens and Marxist groups like BLM, the entire sports landscape has changed dramatically, for the worse. So what led to this sudden and complete transformation? There are many factors to consider, including the selfish narcissist like Colin Kaepernick and the World Economic Forum’s “wake up” on many companies and organizations. However, one aspect we have not yet explored is the theory that much of this decline and “transformation” can be traced back to a single American company…


Honestly, it’s not that surprising. After all, year after year Nike is named the best sports brand in the world. They are a juggernaut in the industry and wield a lot of influence. Everyone remembers that famous Colin Kaepernick ad that Nike aired shortly after the American people rejected him for starting the disrespectful kneeling during the national anthem protest.

Critics were sure that Nike would go all out to support Colin, but they didn’t. Nike is still on the rise, and according to sports columnist, podcaster and former soccer player Jason Whitlock, Nike is the reason sports have “woke up.” Appeared on Don Jr.’s podcast. to explain everything.

It’s an interesting theory that certainly gets people talking. Many conservatives would love to see a Bud Light-like boycott of Nike. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. Nike mainly targets a younger audience, and many young people are clueless and often align themselves with the woke ideology. Love them or hate them, Nike has a shrewd marketing strategy. They don’t just sell sneakers; they sell emotion Its iconic slogan, “Just Do It”, awakens passion for sports. Nike is about acquiring a feeling more than a shoe, which is a big reason why Nike is so popular and so dangerous in selling the ideology of awakening and influencing young minds with left-wing radicalism.

Parents can take action by not buying Nike products for their kids and stop supporting sports franchises that espouse the failed “woke” ideology.

Jason Whitlock’s full podcast can be viewed here:



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