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The second largest bank failure in US history just happened on Biden’s Watch | Vivek defends reality


1: The second largest bank failure in US history just happened on Joe Biden’s watch.

2: Chuck Todd tries to argue for a gender spectrum. Vivek Ramaswamy is not having it and shuts it down.

3: There’s an elephant in the room… A 16-year-old sends a warning to the GOP.

4: This redneck wants to “do better” than Defund The Police in a 1 month trial…

5: Teenage student explodes at Riverside Unified School District board meeting…

6: Ukrainian MSM Propaganda Alert… MSNBC Hack Ali Velshi Drags Alexander Vindman to Blame Trump for War…

7: The rats are fleeing the Biden re-election ship…they are fleeing

8:27 Colorado Democrats want indecent exposure of minors in person to carry a lesser penalty than if done online.

9: Did Jen Psaki just admit that the White House colluded with the media to push propaganda to the American people?

10: Randi Weingarten, the tyrannical liberal, gets slapped on CNN by an angry parent. His push for school lockdowns harmed children across the country. He has shown no remorse. Also, notice his lapel pin.

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