The Roof Was Just Blown Off – IOTW Report

The Roof Was Just Blown Off – IOTW Report

A.U.D.I.T.: About Undermining Democrat-Implemented Theft (of elections)

With the audit update briefing conducted by the Arizona Senate on Thursday, we are officially in uncharted territory, as the unofficial reports of voter fraud in Maricopa County made during that hearing require some drastic action when officially confirmed by the auditors in their report. Think that is just some over-emotional hyperbole? Let’s jump to the punch line and list a few of the bombshell disclosures from that hearing, courtesy of Arizona Conservatives Take Action on Telegram:

Highlights from AZ Audit Senate Hearing 7/15

Hand Count

  • Ballot duplication nightmare. Serial numbers are required to match the original and duplicated ballot. “Thousands” of ballots are either missing serial numbers or have unreadable serial numbers printed over a dark black ballot identification box. Ken Bennett stated that it’s impossible to determine whether a ballot was duplicated more than once.

Machine Analysis

  • Inferior equipment verification process. Senator Peterson noted that if the EAC equipment verification process cannot handle evaluation by an audit, then we need a new certification procedure.
  • Cyber security vulnerabilities, missing security event data, and suspicious logins. Ben Cotton of CyFIR emphasized the critical need for router and Splunk log data. He gave 4 reasons:
  1. a) The November election system breach reported by Maricopa County and the SoS.
  2. b) Extreme cyber security vulnerabilities: the last malware and operating system/ security patch update was in August 2019 when the Dominion software was originally installed. “It would take less than 10 min to gain system-level access.”
  3. c) Security event data only goes back to 2/5/21. By design, the security log only holds 20 MB of data. Strangely, on 3/11/21, there were 37,646 queries for a blank password that had had the effect of overwriting the data prior to 2/5/21.
  4. d) Suspicious anonymous logons. CyFIR has found anonymous logons at the system level that do not follow the pattern of normal Windows behavior.
  • Maricopa County is unable to validate the security of the election system. The evidence provided suggests that only Dominion is able to verify the ICP configuration. Cotton explains that it’s impossible to validate the security of an election system if you cannot independently validate the configuration. CyFIR needs the authentication fobs held by Dominion to check ICP configuration.

Paper Analysis

  • Ballot calibration was off by an average of 1000% in some batches leading to bleed-through, which can cause over-votes or inaccurate vote attribution. The County has stated that they use thick VoteSecure paper, which should limit bleed-through in the event of mis-calibration

However, the Cyber Ninjas team found a large number of ballots on very thin paper stock. The ballots printed on-demand at the voting centers on Election Day have the worst calibration issues. More than 168K ballots were affected.

Voter Rolls

  • Voter roll anomalies affect more than 107K ballots. Doug Logan “highly recommends canvassing” based on the data his team has reviewed. For example:
  1. a) There are 74,243 mail-in ballots with no clear record of being sent out
  2. b) 11,326 people who voted do not show up on the 11/7 voter rolls, but are listed in the 12/4 database
  3. c) 3,981 people who voted on Election Day were registered after 10/15, which is a violation of state law
  4. d) Approximately 18k people voted on Election Day but were subsequently removed from the rolls


  • Maricopa County did not turn over images of the envelopes as requested in the January subpoena

Closing Remarks

The hearing concluded with a review of the 17 missing items needed to complete the audit, many of them already subpoenaed, including router data, Splunk logs, hardware tokens, envelope images, chain of custody documentation, and all portable media. Senator Fann stated that the Senate will likely have to go back to court to enforce the subpoena and retrieve the remaining items.

With the above summary, it is abundantly clear that the Democrat-media narrative that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history” went up in smoke. And their companion narrative that any suggestions of voter fraud are “baseless claims” was equally destroyed. It is also clear that their panic as evinced by The Hologram’s crackpot speech in Pennsylvania on Tuesday was entirely warranted (from their point of view). They are in deep political kimchi!

The below is what would/should happen in an alternate universe where truth and justice is the standard modus operandi after those unofficial statistics are confirmed in the auditors’ report:

  • The Democrat operatives in the media would publicly retract their “baseless claims” stories while admitting the existence of voter fraud warranting audits in many states.
  • The legacy media would give the Arizona audit results unbiased attention and nonstop reporting to ensure that the public is fully informed.
  • “Investigative journalists” in the legacy media would be filing stories about election fraud evidence in other states while op-eds would be demanding full forensic audits everywhere.
  • Elected Democrats in the states would cease and desist in their efforts to thwart and stonewall audits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and elsewhere.
  • The DNC would cease and desist in funding Perkins Coie and other Democrat lawyers in their efforts to stop/prevent audits in several states.
  • DoJ would cease and desist public intimidation of the states by threatening unconstitutional lawsuits and investigations.
  • Etc.

But of course, the Democrat-media complex in this universe will never do any of that, so all we are left with is the need to follow through with a continuous disclosure of audit results and election fraud evidence in order to deal the Democrats the devastating political blow that they so richly deserve. Continued grassroots pressure toward that end is required!

Arizona is leading the way. Let’s get to the plethora of reports stemming from that Thursday hearing, as well as a few miscellaneous election-related items that I’ve added for a little extra flavor: MORE

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