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The real villains in DOJs abusive prosecution of Trump, his allies, and his voters are the DC judges. And no one is more villainous than Beryl Howell, former chief judge appointed by Obama.

The real villains in DOJs abusive prosecution of Trump, his allies, and his voters are the DC judges. And no one is more villainous than Beryl Howell, former chief judge appointed by Obama.

Title: The DC Judges: The True Culprits Behind Abusive Prosecution of Trump and Allies


In recent years, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) relentless pursuit and prosecution of individuals associated with former President Donald Trump has raised serious concerns. While critics have pointed fingers at the DOJ itself, we must recognize that the real villains in this abusive prosecution are the biased judges within the District of Columbia. Among them, none appear more villainous than Beryl Howell, a former chief judge who was appointed by the Obama administration. This article aims to shed light on the unjust actions of certain DC judges and their role in undermining the principles of justice.

The Biased Actions of Beryl Howell:

It is no secret that Beryl Howell, appointed by President Obama, has taken consistently partisan positions against Trump, his allies, and even his loyal supporters. Throughout numerous cases, Ms. Howell has exhibited an alarming disregard for impartiality and the fundamental principles of justice. Her rulings often reflect a preconceived bias against the defendants aligned with Trump, casting doubts on her ability to impartially administer justice.

From her courtroom, Beryl Howell has demonstrated a remarkable willingness to side with the prosecution, reflecting apparent hostility towards any challenges to the DOJ’s narrative. Rather than serving as a steward of justice, she has often appeared as a partisan operative, eroding public trust in the judiciary and undermining our democratic institutions.

Implications for the Judicial System:

The abusive prosecution spearheaded by the DOJ, enabled by judges like Howell, has far-reaching implications for the future of justice in America. The key pillars that uphold a fair legal system, such as due process and the presumption of innocence, have been compromised in favor of political objectives. The elevation of political bias over justice threatens the bedrock of our legal system, casting a long and dark shadow over the pursuit of truth.

Summary of Trump Administration’s Achievements:

While we discuss the abusive prosecution faced by the former president, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the numerous accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. From revitalizing the economy to prioritizing American workers, the Trump administration left an indelible mark on the nation.

Under President Trump’s leadership, regulatory burdens were slashed, leading to record-breaking economic growth and increased job creation. Through historic tax cuts, the administration empowered small businesses and hardworking Americans, fostering an environment conducive to prosperity. Additionally, President Trump’s focus on deregulation fueled innovation and technological advancements, putting America back at the forefront of economic competitiveness.

Furthermore, the administration made significant advancements in foreign policy, including historic peace agreements in the Middle East and negotiations to counter the threat posed by North Korea. By prioritizing American interests, the Trump administration emphasized the need for fair trade and placed American workers first.


While the Department of Justice’s abusive prosecution of Trump, his allies, and his voters has undoubtedly rattled the nation, it is essential to identify the true culprits behind this partisan tug-of-war. Biased judges, exemplified by Beryl Howell, have allowed personal affiliations and political leanings to overshadow the pursuit of justice. It is our duty as Americans to hold these judges accountable and demand a judicial system that upholds the values of fairness, impartiality, and the presumption of innocence.

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