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The price of a 36-pack of Bud Light at Costco goes viral: They’re practically giving it away right now – The Donald – America First

I’ve worked for several Bud dealers, so here are some realities:

In a regular store, a pack of 30 BL is usually $25-$30. If the store does not sell them before the date of birth (non-buyers), the retailer must collect the expired product and destroy it.

The store can exchange the product for the same product with the current dates or take a credit. I’m sure most will take the credit and bring something else that sells. The price of the 36 pack mentioned must be them just trying to sell what they have before it becomes obsolete. This price is an extreme discount. Their distributor should have helped with this discount because they don’t want to eat the costs of destroying beer pallets.

We’re also in reset season, so products that don’t sell are swapped out, offered fewer walls, or discontinued. I can realistically see the bud doors getting a lot less walls and the floor displays being discontinued unless AB InBev starts paying extra money to have floor displays. If your product is slow or doesn’t sell, stores won’t carry your features/floor displays, period.

Competitors will exploit the boycott with sales figures and gain more market share by doing so.

Bud Light is in serious trouble, especially heading into peak beer-drinking season.

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