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“The most transparent” or “hidden” Biden? Key campaign promise under new scrutiny

On President Joe Biden’s first day in office, the White House vowed that his administration would “return transparency and truth to government,” vowing to fulfill a campaign promise that aides said would give a “transparent and open relationship ” with the press.

However, the reality has been more complicated as the public demanded answers from Biden after military jets shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon and three mysterious flying “objects” in recent weeks. After facing pressure to speak, Biden promised to eliminate future aerial phenomena that pose a risk to the public, but did not provide answers about the origin of the other downed objects.


The White House has dismissed questions about the leak of classified documents, the use of certain designations to allow staff who perform important White House functions to avoid public disclosure of their financial interests and a long-awaited physical evaluation by Biden after moving from 2022 to 2022. the new year. The White House had attributed the delay to Biden’s travel schedule.

Reporters have also questioned the administration’s refusal to provide public records of visitors to Biden’s residences in Delaware, where the president logged one out of every four days during his first year in office, and to his think tank Washington, where classified files were kept.

Emails between Biden’s lawyers and the National Archives released last week revealed efforts to coordinate the transfer of a previously unconfirmed cache of documents from his time as vice president held at a Boston law firm last november

The White House has been repeatedly pressed about the timing of the release of classified documents after it emerged that the president may have mishandled classified files dating back to his time in the Obama administration.

Aides have defended the failure to disclose an FBI search of the hitherto little-known Biden panel weeks after the president’s lawyers found classified documents at the site, saying it was focused on “things that matter “.

The push for transparency about Biden’s handling of documents, meetings and health comes as the president nears his expected re-election announcement.

Former President Barack Obama’s former physician warned that the White House would “sugarcoat” Biden’s assessment, describing the president as a “healthy and vigorous” octogenarian who “remains fit for duty and fully executes all its responsibilities without any exemption or waiver. accommodation.”


At 80, Biden is the oldest person ever to serve as president and would be 86 at the end of a second term if re-elected.

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