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The Marxist professor with ties to the Black Panthers has just discovered that she is the descendant of a slave owner and a Mayflower settler, and she can’t handle the news.

Angela Davis is a Marxist University of California professor who won the Soviet Union’s Lenin Peace Prize and was once accused of supplying weapons to a black supremacist who murdered Superior Court Judge Harold Haley and two inmates .

The 79-year-old identity, one of the founders of critical race theory and a former Black Panther, was shocked to learn on Tuesday’s episode of PBS’s “Finding Your Roots” that she is a descendant of a slave owner and also of one of the first settlers of America.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., the host of the documentary television series that explores the genealogies of the guests, provided the geriatric communist with a list of the Mayflower passengers. Among the 101 people aboard the ship that sailed to the colonies in 1620 was one of Davis’ ancestors, William Brewster.

Davis seemed unwilling to process the information, saying, “No, I can’t believe this. No! My ancestors didn’t come here on the Mayflower… No. No, no, no, no… Ugh. That’s a little too much.”

Gates interrupted Davis’ protest to ask, “Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you might be descended from people who laid the foundation of this country?”

Davis previously suggested that “racism is embedded in the fabric of this country.”

“Never. Never. Never. Never,” Davis told Gates.

According to Gates, on his mother’s side, Davis is descended from a Revolutionary War soldier, Stephen Darden, who was a drummer in the 4th Virginia Regiment in the 1770s. Darden moved to Georgia and became slave owner

Gates indicated that Davis’ father, Benjamin Frank Davis, was aware that his father was a white man, Murphy Jones. Jones and Davis’ paternal grandmother, Mollie Spencer, who was born into slavery in 1824 on a cotton plantation in Marengo County, had up to four children together.

Davis, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, said, “I’ve always pictured my ancestors as the people who were enslaved. My mind and heart are racing with all these conflicting emotions.”

Some of the conflicting emotions may have been the result of the decades she spent engaged in left-wing and racial activism.

The Bulwark reported that the vigilante academic and critic of Israel revealed by PBS as a descendant of a slave owner was not only a former member of the violent Black Panther Party and a student of the totalitarian professor Herbert Marcuse, but also a leader of the American communist. party

In response to Alan Dershowitz’s request to support political prisoners of communists in the Eastern Bloc, Davis allegedly replied that “they are all Zionist fascists and opponents of socialism.”

Russian writer Vitaly Korotich suggested that Davis, called a “dangerous terrorist” by former President Richard Nixon, had ultimately served as “a useful tool for the Brezhnev government, used to reinforce communist ideals and speak out against the West during the Cold War”. “

The Marxist professor continued to criticize the United States long after the Cold War ended, stating in a 2017 speech: “This is a country anchored in slavery and colonialism, which means, for better or worse, the very history of the United States is a history of immigration and slavery.”

Upon learning his family’s history, Davis told Gates, “I’m glad on the one hand that we’ve started to solve this mystery. We have something that we didn’t have before. But at the same time I think I’m even more connected now with the fight for a better world”.

u201cu201cDo you know what you are looking at? This is a list of Mayflower passengers.u201d nnOur researchers discovered that #AngelaDavis’ ancestors traveled to America on the Mayflower and here’s their reaction. #FindingYourRootsu201d

— Henry Louis Gates Jr (@Henry Louis Gates Jr) 1677030540

Michael Young, a visiting fellow at the Center for Renewing America, noted on Twitter that while surprising to Davis, the revelations about his past revealed “that even the most hardened and radical woke activists have a very more complicated than his own ideology. Davis is (by his own standard) a colonizer and (by his own standard) an oppressed minority.”

“The important idea is that Angela Davis’s own life is proof that the history of Americans does not fit into the intersectional categories of race and gender that woke activists want to classify people,” Young said, adding : “Awakening wants to divide us into oppressor and oppressed according to our ancestry, or skin color, or other qualities. But Angela Davis [sic] Life itself shows that the world is very complicated because of this, and none of our lineages are exempt from the sins of history.”

u201cAwakening wants to divide us into oppressors and oppressed according to our ancestry, skin color or other qualities. But Angela Davis’s own life shows that the world is too complicated for that, and none of our lineages are exempt from the sins of history.u201d

— Vocal Distance (@VocalDistance) 1677092035

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