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The location of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s cage fight was teased

Anticipation surrounding the proposed cage fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg continues to build, with Musk suggesting the showdown will take place in an “epic venue”. As Musk, the controversial owner of X (formerly Twitter), hints at a big show, Zuckerberg took to Threads, expressing skepticism about Musk’s willingness to agree on a specific date.

Musk’s series of posts on X reveal that he has been in contact with Italy’s prime minister and culture minister to discuss hosting the event. The Tesla boss reiterated that the fight will be broadcast live on X and Meta, and stated that the event would be organized by his and Zuckerberg’s foundations, rather than organizations like the UFC.

He wrote: “The fight will be managed by my and Zuck’s foundations (not UFC). The live stream will be on this platform and Meta. Everything in the camera frame will be ancient Rome, so nothing modern. I spoke with the Prime Minister of Italy and the Minister of Culture. They have agreed on an epic location.” Musk also stressed that the event’s proceedings would pay tribute to Italy’s rich history, with all proceeds benefiting veterans.

Zuckerberg, however, expressed his desire to collaborate with professional fighting organizations such as UFC or ONE to ensure a well-organized and competitive match. In response to Musk’s claims, Zuckerberg wrote: “Not holding my breath for Elon, but I will share details about my next fight when I’m ready.” In addition, he emphasized his respect for elite athletes and his intention to take them into account during his matches.

As speculation grows, Musk’s references to ancient Rome and the Latin phrase Dulce est Desipere in Loco have led some to speculate that the cage fight could take place at the Colosseum, the iconic amphitheater famous for wrestling contests. gladiators during the Roman Empire.

The rivalry between the two tech moguls escalated when Meta launched Threads, a direct rival to Musk’s X. Weeks of teasing followed, with the two billionaires accepting the cage fight challenge in June. While Musk hinted at an “epic location,” the skepticism expressed by Zuckerberg implies that the details have yet to be worked out. The ongoing exchange adds fuel to their already intense rivalry, capturing the attention of the tech world.

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